15 April, 2009

Move Over Chubby Hubby...

I remember picnics during the summer in which one family would bring out the old fashioned, crank handle, ice cream maker.  There were no fancy flavors, just vanilla, but the ice cream from that machine was the best!  I am not sure if it was the friends, the picnic, the warm summer day, or the effort required to make it… but there was and is nothing like home made ice cream. 


That said, I am not opposed to ice cream that one finds at the store either.  I mean, we are talking ice cream after all, what is there not to like?


When I was in graduate school, I made it a mission to try each flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.  It was my last year, I was working on my thesis and studying Italian, and it seemed like a great time to undertake such an experiment.  Plus, somebody had to do it, seriously, what would life be like without trying each flavor of ice cream?  My findings – well, Coffee Heath Bar Crunch or Chubby Hubby.  Everyone has a different favorite though as most people I know really like Cherry Garcia or Chunky Monkey.  . 


Since that year – over a decade ago – I have rarely enjoyed the opportunity to explore the Ben and Jerry’s section of the store.  I tried a few of the new flavors that came out when I lived in Omaha, but nothing really flipped my lid or rocked my boat.


I now have a confession, for the end of spring break, my daughter and I hit the new and local grocers and spent some time eyeing the ice creams.  I wanted to find Starbucks Double Shot, which I tried once and have never located again.  On this Friday I reached into the freezer and pulled out Carmel Macchiato while she found a pint of mint chocolate chip (what a daring child I have.)


Then something caught my eye.  “What’s that?”  I asked pointing at the colorful label.

“Dublin Mudslide.”

I think the world stood still  at that moment as I considered… Dublin Mudslide… 

 Dublin Mudslide

I didn’t even hesitate or take time to read the description.  It involved Dublin and Mudslide (I am a fan of Mississippi Mud so Dublin Mud should be wonderful) I had no doubt that I would love this ice cream. 


Oh how right I was!


First, the ice cream has Irish Cream.  Now, what is there not to like about Irish Cream.  I returned from my stent in Ireland with a recipe for Irish Cream that my Dad and I put to good use during the holidays as something fun to add to coffee.  It isn’t just a winter, with coffee, kind of drink though as I have found it is delightful in a cocktail during the late hours of hot and humid Virginia summer nights. 


Now, for me, Irish Cream is enough of a selling point, but we are talking Ben and Jerry here so you know that there is more yummy stuff I must mention… Like, coffee laced chocolate brownies,  Maybe even some chocolate chip cookie pieces?


All of this; all of these flavors in one little pint of ice cream!


I bought the pint on Friday and don’t mind telling you that there is still half a pint left.  It is one of those little pleasures that I find is best to enjoy just one spoonful at a time!


I love finding new things to try in the ice cream aisle – I noticed a few new Dove ice creams that might be of interest and anything involving chocolate and peanut butter is at the top of my list (Turky Hill made a fabulous peanut butter ice cream at one time).  Right now, I Confess, I am drawn to my new love.  Move over Chubby Hubby as Dublin Mudslide is my new number 1 Ben and Jerry’s pick!


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dadshouse said...

Dublin Mudslide sounds excellent! I'll have to try it. I'm one of those Cherry Garcia fans. My kids like Phish Food. I also love coffee flavors. And actually, the best coffee ice cream I can remember is Haagen Dazs. When we want a treat, though, we reach for Ben and Jerry's.