29 May, 2009

What we teach grows stronger within ourselves.

“Remember, people can love one another and never see each other.  They can not live together, not talk,  not be a part of one another’s lives… and still love one another very much.  Love is something that we give freely.  No expectations.  Love is just… love.”  This is what I told my daughter last night as tears streamed down both our cheeks.

Our conversation moved from topic to topic before I brought it back to the original, just to impress the idea of love knowing no restrictions in her mind.  I continued, “Love is…”

She interrupted “I know, I know.  Love is unconditional and we give it without ever expecting anything in return.”

I had to smile.  Have I brainwashed my daughter or what!



Mark said...

It is a great lesson and worth repeating over and over! Sounds like your daughter is getting it.

dadshouse said...

yes, you can love someone unconditionally, and you can send love even if they aren't present.

You can even act out this love - for instance, I grocery shop and get good healthy food for my kids when they aren't with me. All the while, I'm thinking of their tastes and needs.

Streaming tears... sigh. It's one of those days.

Momma Sunshine said...

Sounds like you're doing an amazing job...

Kudos to you. :)

Mariposa said...

That is lovely. I agree entirely.

Loved our date. It was wonderful visiting with you again. Hugs and love to you.