28 July, 2009

Summer Delights

One of my favorite things to do during a warm DC summer is make my way down to Eastern Market to spend time with the fresh produce and the people.  The Market is there year round, but there is something that draws me there during the summer.  I am not sure if it is the promise of the produce or the smiles that people wear with their favorite summer colors and attire.

Given my love for Eastern Market and that I am not a Foodie,  I found myself surprised to learn that a friend had never visited despite having lived in Northern Virginia for years.

Seriously?  Someone serious about food never going to Eastern Market?  I decided that this had to change post haste and so, on a hot July weekend morning we traveled to Eastern Market – which is where my slice of life begins!

The car pulled up outside the house ready for the adventure in store.  My daughter and I dashed down the stairs, excited to introduce this Foodie to the world of Eastern Market.  The reward for this adventure, a fresh dinner prepared in my own kitchen.  Seriously, how could I refuse the opportunity to play tour guide with that as my incentive?

After much frustration and driving, we finally arrived at Eastern Market.  The thought of fresh pastas and the cheese counter beckoned, but first things first.  We settled into chairs next to a large window to have a wonderful breakfast and conversation.

Then it was market time.  The colors of the different outfits brightened the already vivid day as we began to stroll through the goods.  Dogs on leashes, people chatting, different languages over heard, the three of us considered the different items on the tables.

Ah, the berries and the peaches.  These are always my favorite stops.  I can’t resist grabbing a taste of every peach stand in the area.  It is hard to select just a few as there is nothing, and I mean nothing, like a tree ripened peach.  (my mouth waters just writing this)

Our Foodie was on a mission.  We made our way into the hall to find the freshest shrimp, select some homemade pasta, and finally a few cookies for the road.

Shopping complete, we returned home where later we would enjoy a wonderful meal; a meal that completed a wonderful day spent together.

Eastern Market, my daughter and our Foodie friend – a slice of summer for this slice of life.


justrun said...

I, neither, am a foodie, but that doesn't stop me from thinking that outdoor food markets have to be one of the best things about life.

dadshouse said...

Yum! that sounds so fun. A perfect summer day and meal.