13 July, 2009

Super Mom Has Returned

The Diva bounced out of bed this morning.  Bright eyed and bushy tailed, my morning monster had been replaced by a ballet angel.  She was dressed and ready to go before I had my bags packed.  


It is once again that week when I try and do it all with the flip of my magic wand and a twitch of the wonder pony tail.  Super mom is about to make her summer appearance for 2009!

It is once again time for... Ballet Camp!

I would like to say that I am ready to attack this week with the humor and energy I have shown in past summers.

I would like to say that I have a wonderful super wardrobe picked out that will provide the feminine fortitude to meet any super challenge that faces this super mom this week.

Unfortunately, this year, unlike years past, neither of these seems to be true.  The past 2.5 months have been trying.  The past 2.5 months have proven exhausting and draining.  Although I am bouncing back and am in top spirits more often than not... and I have a few dates lined up to help me keep the fires burning... well, I am not at the top of my game.  (Now after those dates... I might be singing a different song)

Today I will bring my Diva into work.  She will, hopefully, play quietly while I try to get some work done (read - read blogs).

We will then gather her stuff and head to the local grocery store of the Incredibles to purchase a fabulous lunch - one that will maintain her energy while keeping her light on her feet and high on her toes.

Then. it is back to ballet for her and back to work for me before I will leave just 3 hours later to reverse the trip - ballet  then store then home.

By Friday, I will be exhausted!

By Friday I will be ready for the weekend!

By Friday I will be amazingly thrilled that the week is over and some as semblance of order can return to my house and life.  

By Friday, my Diva and I will start counting down the days until the ballet season starts again!  

Regardless as to how difficult this week will be, it is a week that the Diva enjoys from beginning to end.  It is a week that she anticipates from the day ballet ends in June.  

With that in mind, this morning I pulled the skimpy outfits out of the closet.  I put my hair back in a pony tail and found the power bands to hold it in place.  I flipped my cape a few times in order to remove the dust from its folds… and I carefully ignored that little moth hole along the right edge.  

Super Mom has returned!


Mark said...

Onward and upward! Hugs!

cathouse teri said...

Yay! :)

justrun said...

Oh wow, it seems as though you were just doing this!
You are super mom, though, so I have faith!

TAG said...

Never doubt the Super Mom title is well earned, and well deserved.

I'm sure there are people out there that wonder how it is that you have such a fabulous daughter. News flash for them, this is a small peek into what it takes.

You really are super mom. Bask in the glory of the title.


Momma Sunshine said...

Goooooo supermom!!! :)

dadshouse said...

Wait, it's Monday and you mentioned Friday a zillion times in this post. You are using your super powers already!

Lad Litter said...

You surely are Supermum. So what does the costume look like?