26 August, 2009


Sometimes something a person says will stick in my head. At times it is a nice thought, one filled with light and joy. While other times, the idea posed stciks for reasons that I don't fully understand. My mind revisits the statement or idea and, like a dog with a bone, attempts to gnaw through to the meat of the statement or the puzzle that has engaged my mind.
Yesterday, as I walked under cloudy skies and pondered the bright blue patch that appeared just above my head as I walked down the mountain, I considered the latest of these bones upon which my brain has been gnawing. Integrity and situations.
I have heard several times "the situation has changed" thus meaning that the actions taken can change or that a person behaves difficulty based upon the difference in the situation.
Something about this has left me feeling uncomfortable. Do we base our behavior upon a situation or is our behavior based upon the person that we are thus it is not situation dependent?
As the wind blew through the towering pines and I made my way down the mountain wondering if I would feel rain on my head before I reached my destination, I questioned the role of integrity and situations.
Integrity is staying true to the self or one's self despite the situation.

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Shani said...

Well, don't we change with our situations? I mean, my mood can alter, my point of view can either become more or less restrictive as more is revealed in any situation...so one is pendent upon the other. In saying that, yes the situation has changed but perhaps not to the extent to have any influence upon your gut feeling...and THAT is key. You are an amazing woman and an even greater mother--and YOU know what is best for YOUR family. Do what YOU must to defend that. What you do might change day by day due to situational fluxes, but your basic gut reaction to defend what is yours remains intact for a reason.

Be well, TE.