19 August, 2009

Just Call Me Alice

“You are like Alice in Wonderland.”  A friend commented last week.  Um, yeah, that’s me.  Just call me Alice! 

The ironic thing is that I have felt like Alice at times.  A few months ago I took a tumble down a rabbit hole and… wow… how things are the same and yet amazingly different.  Like Alice, I shrank to the point of irrelevance only to find myself revitalized and strengthened as I returned to me size.  

I have set forth on a journey and met some interesting characters.  I am Alice confronting all my principles abused and thrown back at me.  It is as if the Universe is saying – these are nice and pretty and they work well for you, but let’s see what you do when someone close to you abuses each of them!!

And that is exactly what I have been facing.  

I have worked through Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee – well, let’s just say that I have met them, attempted to work with them, and am now aware of them but am moving on.

I have sparred with the Queen of Hearts – which actually wasn’t so bad.  She might be quite the grand lady  after a massage or some pampering.

I have teed with the Mad Hatter – which was truly quite fun at times.  Laughter does work wonders even when it is done through falling tears!

I have stroked the wondrous fur of the Cheshire Cat.  That cat knows much more than do I – but mum was the word.

It is that White Bunny with the clock that had me in a bind.  It is that White Bunny running around talking about rushing and time and being late that finally left me to realize that I am truly Alice and I truly have no control in this wonderland!

I would like to say that with this realization  I left Wonderland.  And I did, in the extent that my eyes are a bit more open and I am a lot more aware of the path before me.  The realization left me a tad refreshed.  So, I take a risk and truly trust that the best is yet to come and that everything will be wonderful at some point.  And that there is a very good reason all my principles are being abused and thrown right back at me to deal with  in some way… and I just need to let time and patience help me figure that one out.

And there is always that White Rabbit with the clock – always in a hurry to make things happen and always running late.  I wish him the best of luck as I am stepping out of that race and trusting that I will get there on time and when I am supposed to.        


TAG said...

Far too often, the White Rabbits fail to realize one important fact.

Life is not about the destination. It is about the journey. Sometimes the best thing to do is throw away the clock and enjoy the trip at your own pace.


T said...

What an excellent post! Of course, I'm a sucker for literary references...

justrun said...

Love it!

Mark said...

I love the analogy of Alice in Wonderland, there are so many great lessons in this story. You are correct to trust that you will be where you need to be and on time. You can't help but be exactly where you need to be when you need to be. Stay aware, be the love that you are and all else will fall into place. Keep an eye open for all of the lessons that are being presented to you.

dadshouse said...

Fascinating post. You're inspiring me to go read Alice in Wonderland again!

Glad to hear you are fine, and re-finding your patience.