25 September, 2009


I trust. 

It isn’t hard.  I often just choose to trust realizing that my fears and insecurities are mine to work through not a product of the relationship or something created by the other person.  I just trust. 

I trust that things will work out; that there will be blue skies even after weeks of rain; and that even those darkest clouds have something beautiful to offer. 

I trust my heart and my instincts and my intuition.  I trust that there are times when I need not understand or have answers; and that everything will work out and be okay whether I understand the outcome or not. 

I trust…

I trust people with my stories, my thoughts, and my experiences.  I trust love from friends and family knowing that  compassion and empathy are freely given by me and flow directly to me.

I trust…

I trust people.  I trust their hearts and their desires and their dreams.  I trust their actions and their value.  I trust that people are honest. 


What happens when trust no longer exists?  What happens when dishonesty moves like a river through the land, cutting through the fertile soil of honesty and faith, leaving a deep and painful scar in its path?

This is the question I grapple with as a friend asked “This man has lied and hidden things from his family for more than thirteen years… why are you taking him at face value?”

The answer –

Am I?

Or am I trusting in something greater?


Mark said...

You know that you are trusting in something greater as you should. There are reasons for all seasons. Keep your trust. Trust is synonymous with love and after all, you are love!

dadshouse said...

I'm wrestling with this right now. When I see my world crumbling, or things I want falling short, I have to remember that I'm not in charge. I need to trust in that thing that is bigger and greater than me.