20 October, 2009

Love Light

One of the most precious things in my life is my daughter’s love.  

It isn’t just that she is an amazing kid who has brightened my world for years.

Or that she has provided me with the challenges and lessons to fill a lifetime of text books.

It is that she is all about love.  She is all about being herself.  She is all about life and living as much of it as possible.  

So one of the hardest things for me is to see her having a hard time with her life and all that is happening within it.  

“This is hard for me.”  She told me the other night.  

“I am sorry.  I am so sorry.”  And I am.  I love this child so very much that I would do all I could to protect her and keep her happy.  

But that is not the hand that she has been dealt.

That is not the life contract she signed.  

She will experience challenges.  She will experience adversity.  She is being asked to do something that she truly doesn’t want to do over and over again, and this is taking its toll.  

Life is going to ask my daughter to spread her wings much sooner than I anticipated.  Life is asking her to grow up in ways that other children aren’t; to deal with emotions that many adults have not faced.  

And yet, my daughter is doing it with grace.  She is doing it with strength.  

She is learning that is weird to not say “I love you” when someone says it first – but that it is more uncomfortable to say it and not mean it.  

She is learning to express her boundaries, and that staying true to herself is not only doable, but it is hard and a wonderful strength to possess.  

And she is doing it while surrounded by the love of so many.

She is doing it from a stable home and with a welcoming heart waiting for her when she returns.  

She is doing it with all the love and support this mom can give while still letting go and trusting… trusting in her and life itself.  

My daughter is my daughter; she is a wonderful illustration of the love that she is and the mom that I am.

She held my hand as we walked “We are light.  We are like the sun shining brightly.”

I couldn’t agree more – regardless of what tomorrow brings,

My daughter and I are Love!



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dadshouse said...

I'm glad you're seeing the positive side. Life isn't meant to be easy. Challenges help us grow and evolve. It's like tug of war - if no one pulls on the other end of the rope, there's no challenge, but the game is shallow and meaningless. Tug that rope!