29 October, 2009

Who Says You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks??

The Diva is learning to crochet.

I have years, if not decades, of memories involving watching my mom crochet throughout the year.  A new baby meant a new blanket, and as she is a teacher, there were usually new babies quite often in her community.  She would crochet throughout the year – before the fire, while watching TV, or in the car as we traveled.  New patterns, different colors of yarn, and the occasional misplaced hook highlight my memory.  

Yet, I never learned.  For this and that reason, I never learned.  

A few weeks ago my daughter, the queen of tactile learning and hands on crafts, came home desiring a hook and yarn of her own.  

This is a desire that I quickly filled realizing that this might be a wonderful craft for her.  It would keep her hands moving, allow her a means of relaxation, and it might keep her busy at the symphonies we have schedule this season.  I delightfully complied.  

In the intervening weeks, she has learned a few stitches, shared her project with her great grandmother, made few items for this and that real or stuffed animal friend, and has expressed that crocheting allows her to get her feelings out.  (And yes, it did keep her entertained during her first full symphony.)

I have watched her with her hook and yarn.  I have observed the effect in that it truly does have a relaxing way about it – especially for her.  

Thus, the other night, while she lounged in the bath, I found a hook and a ball of yarn… and I tried crocheting myself.  

And it is relaxing.

It is something I think I would like to pursue a bit more, learn a few more stitches, maybe make a blanket…It is something I can do while on the metro or on the plane.  

Mostly, it is something that I can share with my daughter as well as my mom.

I have a long way to go in my crocheting education, but I am in good company with the Diva… and I am beginning to think that when it comes to crocheting, we are both… hooked!


Martian said...

That's pretty awesome, Exception. My sister took it up at the ripe old age of 35, and has since then become quite the expert, and my favorite blankets are the ones that my mom made for me, years ago, while we kids watched our ration of one hour of TV at night and she sat quietly working in the corner.

Wow. You stirred up some pretty good memories for me with this.

Sorrow said...

Loved the pun!
I am a knit and hooker, depends on the mood, but this is the best time of year to pull that stuff out.
We don't have Tv, but sit around and chat and I can just keep a steady relaxing rhythm going.
it's all GOOD! welcome to the club!
( of and the one with the most yarn bits wins!)