10 November, 2009


She sat at the table discussing how she did not receive the respect she deserved from the staff as the staff didn’t realize that she and her husband owned a unit.  Rather, they assumed, due to their age, that they were renters.  This idea gave me pause… Did the staff actually care whether she rented or owned?  Did they base their behavior on that or on the treatment they received or by external variables completely removed from the woman and her family?  Moreover, is respect something that is bought or something that is given or earned?

Money doesn’t buy character or respect.  Money doesn’t buy happiness or love, but in this part of Virginia, I think that many have lost sight of this truth.  Money buys… ?  Money buys things.  It can allow us to provide for our families the basic needs of shelter and food.  It can provide a sense of comfort in that we don’t have to worry about meals or medical expenses or we can do things like take vacations or have a few cars or even go to a movie now and again.  

But… and this is a big but… money doesn’t buy happiness or love or respect.  It doesn’t buy honesty or trust or forgiveness. 

Money can buy the bandage but it can’t heel.

Money doesn’t buy status or character or integrity either…

Money can not make us people that we aren’t, so why does it seem that so many believe that it does?


Sorrow said...

Money is an illusion. THose who have money think it gives them power. But it can not buy them anything of real value.
When I was a child I was taught that you respect your elders, even those who did not seem to be worthy of that respect. In those instances my very wise Grandmother would say to me, " those folks who are rude and nasty, you give politeness to, because the real respect comes with love, politeness is just self respect handed to others."
miss that lady...

Shani said...

Money does not, in fact, buy a thing. I am one for gifts of time and am trying to teach my children the same.
Speaking of which..we need a coffee date soon!