25 February, 2010

Feeling Groovy!

This is the song on loop in my brain of late…

“Hello lamp post…”

“Feelin’ Groovy…”

I find myself smiling.

I find myself with a little bounce in my step.

I find myself singing aloud!

But then again, these things are not unusual.  In other words, it is not unusual to find me dancing or singing or bouncing my way through the day.  It is more likely the exception when I am not doing one, if not all, of these things at some point.  

My daughter is no different.  Being a serious ballet student adds to her freedom when it comes to dancing anywhere, I would guess, but I am also sure that it is being raised with a parent like me.  So I am never surprised when a shop clerk asks me how long she has been dancing as I quickly assume that she has been doing ballet somewhere in the store.  She jumps and floats and ballets her way down sidewalks and through stores all the time.  It is one of the things I love and one of the qualities I hope she maintains throughout her life – that being the ability to dance and move when the spirit hits.  

Adults have a more challenging time hearing the music and dancing to that beat in public settings.  There is something that says “you can’t do that” or “what will others think?” that most likely runs through their minds.  I have never quite figured this out.  I remember taking my infant daughter to the mall in Nebraska shortly after she was born.  A country song came through the speakers – and I took my daughter two-stepping around the store.  

Our dancing started before she could walk or talk… our public dancing continues to date.  

But others aren’t so comfortable doing it, even when it is permitted.  

Last weekend we went to see Grease, the musical.  The music was catchy and fun with a great beat.  The Diva and I sat in our seats and sang and laughed and giggled and danced.  Yet those around us did not.  This isn’t to say that there weren’t people moving and grooving more than we were as on the orchestra floor, there were some people really swimming and doing the monkey!!  It was wonderful to see.  And perhaps it is because there were many dancing and singing that those who weren’t were that much more noticeable.  

And I wondered why?

Why do we, as adults, find ourselves feeling inhibited to move with the music?  Most stores pipe music through speakers.  I am a grocery store singer even when it is music I might not even like… it is playing, I hear it, and I have to sing.  The kid is a grocery store dancer.  Her dad, on the other hand, is not.  He claims he likes to dance and yet, I have not seen him dance to the tomatoes counter or two step into a café or even do a little hand jive while waiting for his coffee.  He enjoyed my freedom and lack of inhibitions about playing and dancing and singing in public, but he didn’t initiate it or do it on his own.  (Which makes me wonder if the Diva is more reserved with him than with me?)

And I wonder why???

I can’t imagine life without car boogying!!  I mean honestly people, what better place to belt out your favorite song or really get into the music than in the fish bowl of your own car??!!

Or in the shower?

Or what about in your own living room?

We do brush the teeth dances in my house or kitchen boogies

(And I do believe in dancing naked in my living room!!)

And you know what others think IF they even notice you singing or dancing in public… they think WOW!!  And they probably smile and maybe grin… and who knows, they might find the beat themselves.  If you dance in public, maybe someone else will be inspired to do so as well.  YOU could start a dancing revolution!!  (A bit over the top there?  I think you get the point though)

Dancing is fun, it is liberating, and it is good for everyone.

And if you liked this post – and dancing and singing and playing in public is something that I whole heartedly support – you can thank Lance for writing What is that Dance in You?, as this post was inspired by that post!!

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Lance said...

I love this post!! And I love what you are out there doing with your daughter. She is lucky to have you in her life, and really the world is lucky to have you, out there, letting the music come alive in you!

I'm smiling right now...very, very wonderful to read this!