17 May, 2010


One of the things I love about the south is Magnolias! 

Every year I know spring has really and truly arrived with the first hint of Magnolia blossoms in the air.  I will stop whatever I am doing or saying and close my eyes, letting the scent fill every part of me.  The weird thing – I have no idea why.  I didn’t grow up with Magnolias.  I didn’t even really know what one looked like until I moved to Virginia.  (Which isn’t to say that they aren’t in other parts of the country)  There is just something about them – the glossy leaves, the fragrance, the large flowers…

magnolia flower symbolismThe Magnolia:

Nobility, perseverance and love of nature.


Spring starts with Daffy Doodles (Daffodils) and progresses with the gorgeous Dogwoods… and enters peak with the Magnolias.

Last Monday, as we walked and talked, I smelled Magnolia. 

My daughter quickly located the source (and probably felt grateful that we didn’t have time to pull out the camera to document the moment).  I spent a few moments breathing in the perfume before we continued our journey talking about our cat, Magnolia, and why southern women  are sometimes referred to as steal Magnolias. 

Since that moment, I have found Magnolia blossoms appearing everywhere.  The smell of the roses fades as the Magnolias burst into the scene.  My fingers itch to do the annual Magnolia photo shoot… and something in me relaxes. 

Magnolias are that season I love.  They are shorts and sandals and light rains and very low humidity.

They are May and June and the beginning of thoughts of summer.  They are windows open, light breezes, and the lightening of our busy schedules.

There is nothing like a Magnolia to clear my mind, ground me to the moment and the season and the location, and bring a smile to my face. 

Some say “stop and smell the roses”  Or “Take time to smell the roses…”  For me, it is all about Magnolias!

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L said...

I still remember the first time I saw a magnolia tree, it made me feel like I'd witnessed something truly Southern. Pretty incredible!