16 June, 2010

Considering Dreams

Talents, dreams, desires, journeys……

At one time, I am guessing that we have each entertained a dream or desire – we have desired to achieve or to live a life that might seem beyond our grasp or perhaps impossible.  

We have had ideas and dreams.

How many of our dreams or our ideas do we work toward making reality?  How often do we dismiss them as “impossible?”  How often do we outgrow our dreams or do the dreams change with maturity and education and experience?

I grew up in small, rural town America.  I grew up with women who dreamed of finishing school and getting married and having a family.  This was the dream.  For the most part, those dreams have come to fruition.  I have often wondered if they had dreams beyond that point?  What happens once you have the family and the marriage?  Did they stop dreaming?  

I know others that dream of a life style.  They want to live in the right zip code and have the “right” family that goes along with it.  They dream of a status.  

Still others dream of a profession that looks a certain way and others desire making a mark on the world in one way or another.

For every person, there is a dream – a dream that either is obtained or dismissed.  

For others, the dreams that they wanted to make happen are passed to their children.  This dad couldn’t be the great soccer player, so it becomes the dream he wants for his kids.  Another mom didn’t go to Harvard, but it is what she desires for her child.  

Dreams… in one way or another, they occupy a significant part of our lives.  Did we risk to achieve them?  Did we give up on a dream for another; choose to move away from one dream toward another that is more in alignment with our hearts; or were we afraid to take a chance on our dreams?

I love dreams – the stories people tell of them, the joy that fills a voice when a dream is shared.  There is something magic about the risk whether the dream is fulfilled or not.  It is a wondrous feeling to have a dream come true.  But it isn’t just the dream, it is the way to the dream… the hard work, the process, the making the dream happen.  

Much of making a dream happen is about trust and belief in one’s self.  These two factors might not make the dream happen, but they are wonderful companions when it comes to taking the risks required and putting in the work.  

I have read that the secret to flying is not the ability to spread wings and flap, but to believe that one can fly!

Dreams work the same way – ability can take us there but belief and trust hold our hands as we take the first step.  They push us when we are tired.  They comfort us when we fall.  They embrace us every step of the way.  

Children dream.  It seems to be a natural ability for them – they dream big and in bold colors.

I wonder though, how often do adults dream?  How often do we, with our bills and responsibilities, and understanding of the world at large – how often do we dream?    And when we dream, do we believe and trust?  Do we throw our hand sin the air and “jump” knowing that whatever happens… happens?  Are we willing to trust and believe to the extent that we will risk?

As adults it isn’t just about us, but often it is about our partners, spouses, kids…and how many of us have partners, spouses, and kids that are willing to trust and believe in our dreams?


This post was inspired by Fly TO Your Dreams.  






giulietta said...


Excellent or should I say exceptional post on dreams. I agree with you that all dreams are possible. Somewhere along the line our dreams for the most part get thwarted and diverted and distorted.

It explains the malaise that grips the world. I want to shout (so I will here), "destroying dreams doesn't work. Let's try to let them fly (will check out that post)." Speaking of flying, enjoy your dream trip across the pond!

Nothing like daydreaming in a cafe over a glass of vino.

Giulietta, the muse who likes to sit in cafes ...

Sara said...

Odd, but I've been several different and unconnected sites talking about dreams...perhaps, there's a message in these visits for me?

You are so right. As children we believe in our dreams, but as adults, we treat them like old toys and put them away...we're not supposed to play with them anymore.
Perhaps we need to pull them out again:~)

I like what you said "Much of making a dream happen is about trust and belief in one’s self."

This is so true. Thanks for this post:~)

Wilma Ham said...

For me I didn't know at first what to dream, I stuck to the tried and true of having very common 'goals' rather than dreams. For to have dreams one must first try dreaming.
Once I discovered dreaming there is no end to my beautiful vision that pulls me forward. Yes, it is hard to imagine that it is up to us to make them come true, how powerful we are, that is also part of the dream.
xox Wilma