15 July, 2010

Celebrating My 30's!

There is something about the age of 40 that stands out in my mind.  I am not exactly sure what it is though as most of my close friends are now 40.  I am just a matter of time away from turning 40 and don’t feel a day over 30 – thus it isn’t a birthday a dread in any way. 

But it is 40…

It is a kind of “mid-life.”

It seems to be a turning point for many – their focus moving from the self to the world at large or contributing something to the community or society.

Perhaps it is after turning 40 that one starts to consider life – where we want our lives to go and how we want them to look? 

Does our lifestyle change from what we have to what we can give?

These are the thoughts that are running through my head. 

This morning I considered the last decade…

I turned 30 with little fanfare.  My daughter had just started walking.  We lived in the Midwest, and I had no idea how my life would unfold.  And how it did unfold!

Within months of turning 30, I moved our little family back to Virginia, bought our house, and chose to be as involved with my daughter as I could while having a profession.  People and relationships have come and gone each offering chances to learn and grow.  I put my passport away for the decade, traveling and exploring more locally and domestically – finding more of the beauty of this country and my life as a woman and a mother.  I am not sure that it is possible to capture  the texture and variances of the decade I spent being a “30 something”… suffice it to say that it have involved laughter and love, passion and creativity, discovery and exploration… tears, tears, and more tears… a trip down the rabbit hole, reclaiming myself , remembering what it is to trust , learning more about love and acceptance and releasing…

And to think, all of it happened in my 30s! 

Here I stand, 39 years old, ready to embrace my 40s!

I have an inkling of what the next decade will include – my daughter will begin to enter womanhood, my career will change, there will be love, tears, and letting go… there will be exploration and discovery…opportunities abound; the sky is the limit.  Throughout the last 40 years, I have learned that I love not knowing what the future holds.  There is something amazingly invigorating about life unfolding before our eyes with  its surprises and challenges.  My 30s were growing years… stretching years… My 40s promise to be more of the same and yes… Yea… more stretching and growing and adding texture and color and blurring and defining. 

I am ready  to embrace the new decade when it arrives…

But until it arrives, I am living out my 30s, celebrating , sharing, and loving. 

I would like to share in this celebration of a decade with everyone.  Therefore,, I am opening myself to you…

How shall I celebrate?

Can we generate 40 ways to celebrate the end of a memorable decade?


giulietta said...

Dear TE,

The forties are terrific! You get more and more comfortable in your own skin. It's also one of those milestone birthdays where it hits you that life moves along rather quickly and you may want to focus on the things you love to do rather than the things others want you to do. This means more letting go than holding on.

You'll love it!

Happy Birthday...


Lisa @sacred circle said...

I so appreciate the perspective you've shared here... I turned 40 recently, and I was so caught up in the numbers that I didn't breathe into celebrating my 30s... I will certainly pause before time gets away from me and honor the last decade that brought me to where I am today... much gratitude!

BigLittleWolf said...

My children were still tiny when I hit 40, and I was also juggling a "big job" and taking care of a home. It went by with absolutely no fanfare. Just another birthday, which at the time was fine. I have a habit of periodically assessing where my life is at various stages, and 35 to 40 had been an incredible whirlwind - marriage, 2 babies, first home, new job.

I think it's worthwhile to enjoy your health and vitality. Do not take it for granted. I think it's worthwhile to look at what you've accomplished - and by that - I would include those considerable changes that you embraced, and perhaps never thought you would be facing, and making work for your family.

The future is always a question mark, but whatever is important to you - the individual you, the woman you (not the mother you) - I might consider making sure it's at least near the top of the priority list. Parenting and managing adult responsibilities tends to eat up women's dreams, unless we fight hard to prevent that.

And I might throw in a hot air balloon ride with a few friends to celebrate - for good measure!

Wilma Ham said...

Dear TE, I love how you so wisely looked back on your 30 era. Yes, life is there to embrace and grow into, having seen that nothing is fixed. Birthdays for me were never big, as I had a challenge celebrating myself. Now I celebrate myself every day and I could cope with a big birthday party. I would throw in a garden party with a music ensemble and the theme of Alic in Wonderland. I loved what BigLittleWolf said about losing your dreams while busy with all the roles we play in our lives. I too wish you dreams, enjoy, love Wilma