12 October, 2010

Why is it?

If I could put a day in a bottle and save it forever – taking I tout and  reliving the joy and the emotions – yesterday would be such a day.  

The weather was warm and delightful.

I spent a lot of time laughing and playing with my daughter.

Not a disagreement occurred.

We planned only a movie in the morning… and took the rest of the day as it came.  Wow, what a day it was.  

Yes, yesterday is a day I would bottle… form beginning to end, it was joy filled.  

As often happens, such a day is followed by a day that is trying in one way or another.  

A day that tests my spirits and my strength.

This morning found me reacting where I need not have reacted; emotionally charged when calm and peaceful might have been a better strategy.  

That little voice inside my head said “quiet” “Close your mouth.”  “Open your heart.”

I hold on to the joy of yesterday; letting it wash over me to the extent that I can.  

But it doesn’t stop the tears that crowd and spill forth with the anger and frustration and that I feel – the frustration.  


BigLittleWolf said...

Oh, that seesaw effect - good days and bad days. Well, thank goodness for the good days! They get us through the others.

Not only in parenting.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. loved the post and your thoughts .. so well written I could imagine your joy and happiness .. and reminded me I need to stop and reflect on the joys of life.

Sorry to hear about the next day's upset .. but you know what to do .. quiet the Little Voice .. and breathe .. breathe a little peace back in ..

I'm sure the rest of the week is and will be happier .. Hilary