22 November, 2010

My Heart is with my Friend

Chills worked their way through my body as I read her words.  Tears slipped down my cheeks as my body responded physically to the emotion and power behind the pros. 
One of my childhood best friend’s daughter was hurt in an unusual accident.  I have not met this child nor have I seen my friend but once in the last 14 years, yet she is close to my heart and has provided insight and support throughout the challenges of my life.  From 2000 miles away, there seems little I can do; little help I can give.  I send compassion; I send blessings and warm thoughts; and I remind her that I will help in any way I can.  This friend is one I treasure – and one with whom I have been through much.  In fact, it is kind of amazing that we are friends again as we didn’t speak for years… yet she is one of the first I told of my pregnancy (which was part of the process of finding one another again) and she is one I trust completely to date. 
Life is fragile.  Sometimes it is easy to overlook this as life moves smoothly from place to place and activity to activity.  Children seem indestructible as they scramble around, climb trees, and actively explore the world. 
Yet it takes one minute – one accident – one false move that is often something that, at any other time or in any other location would be nothing… yet this time, it is life changing. 
I ask you to send warm thoughts and compassion to my friend and her daughter – and her son who stood by his mom and sister throughout this experience. 
This isn’t the post I was to write today, but having read her words… my heart is with her this morning.  The link below will take you to her words and her experience. 


giulietta nardone said...

Hi TE,

Best wishes for your friend's daughter to recover from her injury. Yes, everything can change in a split of a second.

Warm thoughts to your friend, Giulietta

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. my thoughts are with you - as you struggle with the anxiety and lack of information .. more importantly I send my blessings across the universe to the tiny child, her parents and her brother .. and all who are nursing her - look after her tightly ..

With love - Hilary

LesleyG said...

Thoughts and prayers for your friend. Life is so precious.

Alien Ghost said...

Hi TE,

It is amazing how fragile life can be; scary how things can change so much in just a second.

My best wishes for your friend, her daughter and family.


Sara said...

TE -- I went to her site and oh, it made me cry for her. This is every parent's nightmare!!!! I am praying that her daughter will recover soon. From what her mother wrote about her, she sounds like a fighter and that may help her.

It's good that you shared this. I wish I had better words to console and ease you. It's so hard when you must try to comfort someone from a distance!!

I will say that while I'm not really religious, I do believe in the healing power of prayer. Therefore, we ALL need to pray and send healing thoughts to this young girl.

Aileen said...

I followed the link to your friends site. I will keep her and her daughter in my thoughts and prayers. It may be a little while before they know if her recovery is 100% those types of head traumas can be incredibly complicated. I will choose to only see 100% recovery. It's a good choice you made posting this, yes it made me cry but more importantly it has more people praying and sending healing thoughts. There is great power when many people carry the same prayer/healing thought.

Liara Covert said...

Its interesting to reflect back on what we write, to notice how our heart is always made known through our words, and to experiment with changing the words we use. We always have opportunities to learn about ourselves through how we feel about others. To believe life is fragile echoes a subtle fear about vulnerability. To sense life is resilient, that we are all stretching, expanding and benefitting from all conditions, sends another message. Love your candidness in the blog. Find you through Hilary.

Davina Haisell said...

Marla, it is heartwarming to witness the depth of your emotion for your friend. Our lives would be empty without these special connections. Your friend is fortunate to have found this in you and you in she. I'm sending positive thoughts to all of you.