09 December, 2010

The Season

“It’s the season of giving.” My daughter says, her nose buried in a book. 

I want to do as I have seen so many times in the movies – sink backward in the bath water, submerging my head in bubbles.  I feel a tad overwhelmed with the “season of giving,” at the moment.  I add the item to my mental list and focus on relaxing my shoulders… just two more weeks and everything that can get done will be done.  Just two more weeks and the “season of relaxing” will begin. 

I am not sure what it is but there is something about the month that begins the week before Thanksgiving and runs until the week before Christmas… It is the month of adjusting to cold weather – and it is particularly cold right now.  They are the weeks before year’s end in the office meaning that it is wrapping up, preparing reviews, and compiling reports.  My daughter’s schedule seems to be more busy as her social calendar picks up speed along with her assignments and exams.  There is less sunlight; more darkness – and not enough chocolate!

I find myself reminding myself to breathe – Reminding myself that it is not Friday but Thursday – remembering that no matter how tired I might feel at this moment and how short time feels in the future, it will get done… It will all get done.  And if it doesn’t… that is okay too!

I am making mental lists, preparing to do a few things a day… small pieces at a time.

Every journey begins with one step, after all… 



Sara said...

TE-- I identify with you right now. Instead of appreciating the wonders of these holidays,I am frantically trying to complete my Christmas list. You are right "every journey begins with one step..."

Every once in awhile, I will stop my panicky actions and see something outside my window that takes my breath away, like the beautiful hawk I saw the other day.

I think of these "moments" as my steps of awe. They help survive what's become a holiday race and remind me that this is the time to appreciate both my journey through 2010 and anticipate the one in 2011.

So, breathe, my friend. Settle back in a warm bath each night and, when it's clear, take time to enjoy that winter sky full of stars. And remember..."this too shall pass":~)

LesleyG said...

Well if the journey/day has to begin with one step, it certainly wouldn't hurt to end it with a hot bath. I'm with ya!

Patty - Why Now Start Now? said...

Hi M - I kind of gave up the holiday frenzy about ten years ago. Just took myself out of the madness. I know that's hard when you have a kid, but if you ever get a chance to try it, I heartily recommend it. But in the meantime, yes, keep breathing!

Sorrow said...

As I did a graceful dance mid air as I vaulted off the toppling ladder,....okay maybe not graceful...
I thought,
The holidays are now for people who love there kids.. because thats all there is anymore for me.
and by the way
Hot chocolate eases the pain.
(cocoa, milk and sugar when you run out of mix)

BigLittleWolf said...

"Reminding myself to breathe."


Why is it this time of year is so crazy, when it ought to be more relaxing? Kids' schedules have a lot to do with it.

That bath sounded good... :) Even if you only have a few minutes for it! (And mental lists that don't shut off.)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. great thought - it is the time for giving .. and the little soul buries herself in her book without a care in the world .. wouldn't we all like to do that - oh yes! Those were the times .. and wouldn't we all like to go back there to those days ...

As you say one step at a time .. doing the important and necessary things first .. less is more too!

Enjoy it though .. your daughter will and she'll bring you into the seasonal cheer .... look after yourself and may you get your languid bath sometime very soon with lots of bubbles .. Hilary

Aileen said...

Brilliant perspective "remembering that no matter how tired I might feel at this moment and how short time feels in the future, it will get done… It will all get done. And if it doesn’t… that is okay too!"

... and you're right about there never being enough chocolate