16 December, 2010

Snow's Magic

What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year?
How do you express gratitude for it?
Author: Victoria Klein

I peered out the window first thing this morning. Something seemed different. The street light stood tall casting its off colored light upon pavement, just like always. Nothing seemed out of place, and yet… There was a silence, a softness, a gentleness to the world beyond the glass that sent me turning to the radio and considering footwear for the day.
The world felt as if it were preparing for… snow.
Having endured more snow this year than is absolutely necessary for a resident of the Mid Atlantic US to experience, one would think that the mere thought of an inch or two would send me straight to the airport with a seat on the first plane out to Hawaii or Puerto Rico; instead, I pulled on snow boots and greeted the day with peace.
I have grown much in the last year, learning about myself, the importance of balance, and finding sources of peace. I have learned that I can be a passionate person without drama – and that I can respond rather than react. The year has offered me many opportunities to learn and to practice finding peace in my life; and I have embraced it.
Arriving at work, boots on feet, scarf loosened, and coffee in hand, I am delighted to find that intuition rings true and snow is anticipated throughout the afternoon.
With snow comes adjustments as schedules change, events are cancelled, and people race to ensure that they have all they need to survive.
With snow also comes a world that is unlike any other. There is a quiet, a softness, a transformation of the stark and colorless world into something gentle and filled with magic. Everything is bright and clean. Sound is muffled. Trees take on new shapes dressed in the contrasting white against deep green and adorned with crystals that sparkle and dance in the sunlight. For a while, with the snow, comes peace.
What is it that I appreciate of 2010?
There is much from which I could choose, but today I choose peace. The peace that came with the snows earlier this year and which I have increasingly embraced as the year has progressed.
I am grateful for this discovery; for the balance it brings to my life; and the recognition that with this balance, I am able to appreciate and live mindfully with greater ease. How better to appreciate this sense of peace than to live each day and open myself to the wonder of life and the world at large…
And this includes the snow.
Today I will love the snow – its magic, its wonder, and its transforming abilities.
What better way to prepare to end 2010 than with… SNOW!

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. coming down here soon too - as you say schedules change, life goes on .. the snow does bring a peace to the world around us - as long as we're not the workers who must and need to go to work.

Peace and blessings to all - as you say .. have a SNOW Friday .. happy times .. Hilary

Brian Miller said...

snow is pouring...well it was has not become ice...but the white blanket leaves a freshness in its wake...as fresh as choosing peace...and eyes that capture wonder as well...

Belinda said...

Snow, I know little about having lived mostly in tropical climate. Peace, I know a little about. It's knowing that peace in my heart is possible that encourages me to believe that peace on a larger scale is also possible; that and my hope that my child will know peace when I'm gone.

The Exception said...

it appears the snow is ending now with its white wonder soon to follow as ice, salt mixtures, and irritated drivers take its place. For now though, school is out early, the kid is playing, and Muppets sing me into the evening.

LesleyG said...

We were supposed to get several inches earlier today but only ended up with a dusting. For all my love of warm climates, I'm ready for some snow. There IS something peaceful about it, even amongst the chaos it may cause. But I guess that can be said for just about any event. :)

BigLittleWolf said...

Fresh snow, especially, is magical. And as you say - the sound is muffled - I think that's part of the magic.

It's when it turns to slush or refuses to depart for 5 months that it becomes a bit, shall we say... of a wet blanket?

But this time of year, it's lovely, as is this piece.

Anonymous said...

You were not mistaken, all is true