24 February, 2011

Straight from the Future

The days of February have proven to be a bit unpredictable – from 3 days of 70F weather to an exercise in creative CV writing to attending a Fundraiser I didn’t expect to attend… February as proven unpredictably uplifting and full of experiences.  I even discovered the world of Pod Casts, connecting me to RTE Ireland, a treasure once enjoyed and then forgotten and now rediscovered!

February, in other words, has proven to be similar to January in that I have found being open to life to be the only way to live.  There seems to be no room for expectation or the “same old” in 2011… and there is something that encourages me to think that the rest of the year will continue to flow accordingly suggesting that I can expect the unexpected!

The year is about “inspiration” and creating and being open.  I find myself creating a CV over drafting a résumé; engaging in different activities; and opening myself over and over again to what life offers. 

In this spirit, I am undertaking a different kind of post.  I’m drafting, or creating, a letter from the future to someone  describing my 2011.  I suppose I am just writing my holiday letter a few (try ten) months in advance!  Though I have written letters similar to this in the past, I have never tried this exactly… but why not??!!


24 February 2012


Dear Lori

This morning I sat down and sorted through folder of poetry.  I was delighted to find works penned about a year ago as inspired by your work.  The forms of poetry you introduced on your site are delightful and have brought much to my life.  Thank you. 

This past year has been one of many changes.  Looking back I have to smile as it feels like I have come a long way in such a short period of time.  My house has transformed into one of much space and room.  We love it.  There was much light before, but now there seems to be even more.  My flowers and cats have flourished – as has the kid who is growing and blossoming into even more love than one could imagine. 

Professionally abundance flows!  A change of positions in the middle of last year resulted in wonderful opportunities for more thinking and creating while I maintained the flexibility and location that allowed me to thoroughly enjoy being a mom.  These professional changes also resulted in more financial freedom and opportunities of more theater and travel.  We are spending part of this summer on the Mediterranean; very exciting. 

In retrospect, 2011 was definitely a year of change.  Thankfully I went into the year with an open mind, prepared to enjoy the opportunities as they appeared as there were many!

I hope that this finds you enjoying a wonderful year and preparing for a glorious spring filled with love and adventure. 

Thank you Lori, for your words, your support, and your enthusiasm… and your continually fabulous posts!

Stay amazed…


This letter and idea were inspired by:

Make Great Things Happen; A Letter to Your Future Self




Sara said...

TE -- This is such a great idea. I loved your letter to Lori. It sets down some wonderful intentions. May it come to pass for you:~)

BigLittleWolf said...

What a great idea! (Yet oddly, I think I would be too superstitious to do it - especially as this is empty nest year. I'm living by one-day-at-a-time.)

But I love that you did this!

giulietta nardone said...

Hi M!

I'll take 70 degrees ...

A really great notion to write a letter from someone observing you over the year to come. I love that idea! Really helps a person see what's can go right in his or her life.

Have a great time in the Medit. We're going on an extended family type of cruise there as well. My first cruise, ever. Have always rented a car and winged it with my husband. Will make for some interesting essays/blog posts/articles I'm sure. I plan on doing karaoke as many nights as I can!

Thanks for an inspiring post! G.

JaneBeNimble said...

Hi TE,
I love this expression of yourself: a powerful force for creation!

You are so talented and beautiful, I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for writing this both for yourself and us.

I'm humbled and honored that you'd choose me to use as your "subject." You've made my day! *hug*

Wishing your a peaceful day and a balanced heart.

Jimi Jones said...

Great to see that you are inspired and excited about 2011. I share that view and look for great things to happen this year and beyond.

Wishing you all the best as well!

Belinda said...

Hi TE, this is such a creative post! I believe in the power of visualization and I think part of it is being able to put your vision in print.

I hope you will continue to write poetry!
Take care,

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. I think that's a wonderful idea .. and it will inspire you - change is in the air .. life will get lighter .. and flourishing will be a part of it all ..

You've definitely caught our imagination .. a year ahead - yes life will be easier ..

Have a great future week .. Hilary