18 May, 2011


When a door closes, another opens or maybe it is a window or wow... look... a sky light!  There is a new beginning with every ending; yet, I wonder how often we find ourselves so captivated by the closed door or the ending that we neglect to look around and see what is open to us?

Today I find myself sitting in an office that is far different than the one I moved from just last Friday.  The process that brought me here was unusual in its own way in that this is not a position I found; it was a position that found me.  It may last just a few weeks or it could last a few years; I am not sure which.  I do know that I am finding it exciting and that I have entered this position and this work environment to learn.

And perhaps that is what it is all about – learning. 

We spend a lot of time thinking, planning, wishing for something that isn’t so.  We spend a vast amount of energy in our heads denying or figuring or analyzing or worrying.  How much time do we spend seeing and opening ourselves and giving ourselves space to “learn?”

My new manager stood in my  office yesterday as we discussed the mad rush to pick the topics and papers that interested each the most.  It is first come first serve to the point that if you snooze, you are left with the  areas no one wants to read.  I smiled.  I smiled and told him, point blank, “I am here to learn.”  Sure it is nice to pick and choose the topics that interest each more than others, but what an opportunity to learn about the new and different.  Not to mention that everything is, at some point, connected.  It is the well rounded and read position that I want to occupy. 

Thus, in two days, I have traveled around the world and read on topics that I would not have explored on my own.  I have watched storms roll in from my windows and basked in the wonder of natural light.  I have chatted with new people, wondered over different coffees, and only shed a few tears… tears not of regret but of a feeling that comes when a baby bird takes flight for the first time or a child takes its first steps. 

New beginnings…





LesleyG said...

Yay! Here's to new beginnings and learning!

BigLittleWolf said...

"Here to learn."

I find that to be a marvelous mantra for almost anything we undertake.

Looking forward to hearing how it goes.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. that's wonderful and no wonder they snapped you up - I do hope it long continues to be stimulating, fun and educational - nothing like learning I say ..

Well done - and happy days ahead .. Cheers Hilary

Sara said...

TE -- It's so nice when we find ourselves in a new place and actually like where we are:~)

I am pleased you like your new job and wish you best of success with it. Although I don't know if I need to make that wish...you're pretty good about finding your own way to success!

Anyway, I hope you'll keep writing and letting us know how you're doing:~)