28 October, 2011

Too Cold Too Soon

I woke this morning refreshed - a day off - a day to do nothing but have my hair done. A day for me. What is there not to love about such a day?
Having been out and about, I admit, i am loving my day. I am sitting at my favorite seat at my favorite Starbucks reading the Post and thinking about books and Italy, and reading this and that. The day is gorgeous with vivid blue skies and a smattering of light clouds. Bright splashes of orange and red remind me that it is fall...
It is perfect
The damper on the day, if one can call it that, is the knowledge that a storm is moving our direction bringing with it much cooler (like think january) temperatures and rain.
I am working hard not to worry about that though. i have shorts on and relish the sun...
And do my best to ignore the reality that everyone around me is wearing pants, sweaters, heavy coats, perhaps even hats and mittens or gloves...
It is a very crisp fifty degrees outside - and to look around me of late, it would seem that people have been itching for the moment to come when they can store their summer wear and bundle up... They have done so with great enthusiasm!
Meanwhile, I cling to the last moments of nature's warmth. Shorts and sweatshirt suit me fine today. The cold weather, with long pants and warm clothes, will arrive soon enough, but today... Today I have the day off, the sun is shining, and today is slightly cool graced with a hint of fall.
And I am out enjoying every minute of it!

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. we had that last year - snow at the end of November .. it was not funny - and I hate the cold .. can't wear half the clothes etc ..

Wonderful you were enjoying the warmth of the sun's rays - I do that here too .. it basks me and keeps me warm.

Hope the storm didn't hit you too badly - sounds horrid in places ..

Look after yourself - with many thoughts and a big hug - Hilary