13 August, 2012

When the War Comes Home

For the past few years, I have learned the challenges and the joys of not having a "what comes to mind" vacation.  To put it simply, changes on the work front and my daughter's camp aspirations have left me electing to enjoy "relax-cations" from within the wilds of DC over traveling outside the state of the country.  Staying so close to home has proven challenging for my world traveling soul;  however, it is easier on my finances and... I have had to learn to find ways to relax.  Not to mention, no excuses apply to my not coming back to my blog to write.  This time has also given me the chance to catch up with essayists  I love and to become familiar with a few new sites to explore.  It is one such site that I offer today - the writing is beautiful and the topic touches close to my heart.  
Although I do not directly serve in the military, I have provided support to boots on the ground for years.  My company is involved with the Wounded Warrior program and works in numerous ways to provide support to the military at home and abroad.  My generation is the first of my family not to serve directly; my support is as close as this generation comes - generation upon generation, and the buck stops here (at least for the time being as there is a group that has designs on my daughter and her future profession.)
With all this i mind, I began reading an essay (as it is more than a post) drafted by Pamela.  I offer "War" to you - Please take the time to read and absorb her words.
Pamela's words speak for themselves.  At what point do we, as a country, recognize fully that the war is no longer on distant shores but it  is here, in all fifty states?   Moreover, what can we, as a society, do to help bring peace to these men and women, their families, and their communities here and abroad?

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Pamela Hunt Cloyd said...

Awww. Thanks Lady! You are way too generous. xoxo