28 March, 2013

Saying Thank You

Ever want to reach out, tap someone on the shoulder, and just say... Thank you!
You know, a thank you for being there; for being you.
A thank you for bringing something different into this space; into the space that I share.
You might never know me or my name... but really, I appreciate what you have given and what you bring to this situaiton, to my experience.

Ever feel that way?
Ever just want to write that note, tap on that shoulder, just say the words... Thanks.

I wrote that letter years ago to someone who reminded me that there were other men out there after a relationship ended. That relationship wasn't with him, but he served as the reminder. I have no idea if he ever received the letter, but I wrote it.

How often do we think about the differences that this or that person makes?

How often do we recognize it and then how often do we do something about it?

And how would you respond were you to get that letter? be on the receiving end of that shoulder tap?


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. it's important to say thank you all the time .. I do a lot more of that now-a-days ... and it does make so much difference if we're told we're helpful or considerate ...

I hope you get lots of that from your daughter - I feel so ..

Happy Easter and may you have a blessed and peaceful year ahead .. Hilary

Lesley said...

It's so important, just to remind each other that we're all significant and meaningful.
I sometimes leave notes on random cars that just say "thanks for sharing the world with me." Even if they think it's weird, I think they may still sort of like it!