08 July, 2013

Am I talking to myself, and not to him?

You are loved because you are you - just, you...
That is what I want to say. I want to shout it from the roof or just look at him and ensure that he gets it.
As I write the words to a friend though I wonder, to her and to myself, is it him I am talking to or is it really that reflection of myself? Am i really telling myself that I am lovable because I am who I am - I am just me? Is this something that we all need to realize. We are all lovable as ourselves?
So often I don't know anymore if I am seeing myself through my personal experience or the reflection that he provides.

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D. A. Wolf said...

Don't we always see ourselves as reflected in others?

Perhaps the trick is to do so only in part, and be able to step back enough to see ourselves (and the other) as entirely separate entities - and from other viewpoints.


Don't think so.

I used to talk to my (ex) in my head, more than in person... perhaps trying the concepts and words on for viability, and never brave enough to speak them.

Now I talk to my current good man with greater clarity and transparency, knowing "me" from him and from us - the words and what they describe, like the reflections, multi-faceted.