21 January, 2014

For Serious?

A month ago I was enjoying warm weather and sun. Today I am bundled in coat, sweatshirt, ear muffs, and pretending that the wind is not freezing my face and lungs. The sun and warmth feels so distant; like a memory that may or may not have happened at some point in my life. I shiver and huddle into my coat that much more. The sun is rising a little earlier each day and setting a little later and next month I will return to my window seat to enjoy it. The days of seeing little to no sun will come to an end; everything will adjust once again.

A woman behind me loudly states, "For serious."
How my life reflects this idea of late.

For serious, a month ago I was in shorts and tanks while my daughter swam daily in an outdoor pool.
For serious I am now freezing and giving thanks for every day that doesn't involve my having to walk in or on ice.
For serious, I spend days working without seeing the sun and then elect to freeze outside just to relish its color and warmth before it dips below the horizon.
For serious, I find the English language one of particulars and refinement and flexibility. A language that can adapt itself to capture and describe just about anything… and yet when it falls short, it it feels like a betrayal
. I am not sure how it is that a living language, continually meeting the demands of an innovative culture, can also be limiting in its ability to deftly
communicate the nuances of emotion or the intricacies of art or beauty. Is it possible that the culture is reducing language to communicate minimally - or to fit on the screens of mobile devices?
For serious I read that the Russian language has many words to describe the color blue that we, in English, call either "dark blue" or "light blue" just as other cultures and languages have several words for "snow" or "love."
For serious, there are times when I feel like I am living in an episode of "friends." have you noticed that, while personalities don't line up exactly, you know a Chandler, A Ross, or a Joey? You might work with Rachel or are friends with Monica? And your life is that much richer with your own Phoebe. Sometimes our own realities aren't that far removed from this or that television series. "George" of "Seinfeld" fame spent an episode in which he did the exactly opposite of everything he would normally do in regard to women - How often I would like to suggest that people try this. Not to mention, how frequently it seems that our conversations are "Seinfeld-esque in that they are engaging but not really about anything.

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