30 January, 2007

The Author Exposed

Yesterday I sent a text to a man who I have never met though he intrigues me. I asked a question to which I honestly wanted the answer – and ended up flirting without the intent of doing so. The exchange left me wondering about myself but also about the information that is here – and everywhere – about who I am and the person I am?
And all that brought me back to this tab and the desire to write what I intended to write months upon months ago!
Who am I?
I am the person that leaves messages in verse and in song on phones.
I am the friend that celebrates and shares and listens and opens myself and my heart without hesitation.
I dance on sidewalks and on street corners with the most amazing (and perfectly her) child one could imagine.
I make funny bear noises and am silly and sing and laugh and smile whenever and wherever the spirit hits me.
My epitaph will read ‘ She Loved and She Lived with Integrity!’
If you travel back through the archives of this blog, you might find that different aspects of me shine through at different times. I am flirtatious. I have a body that I enjoy despite its changes throughout the years – and it is healthier and better than ever. I love men and friends and conversations and laughter. I am a single parent who has never shared that honor or that job with another person – and that is something I love.
I look for the silver lining and the opportunities – and that doesn’t mean that life isn’t challenging – it just means that I choose to live it as fully as I possibly can and with an open mind and heart.
As I write this, I am in the middle of a challenging phase in my life. I don’t write about the topics that used to fill my head – relationships, flirting, communication, etc as I once did. With all that is happening, I am increasingly aware of the fragility of life and the concept of grabbing hold of it and living it as fully and boldly as possible.
I believe in integrity – alignment of actions and words… and I love banter (did I mention that?)
I surround myself with people who are full of vitality and passion – and the music that each listens to is singular as is the path that they travel! I love it!!
And…I don’t play games. Not even with men – I love you all but honestly, this whole teasing thing and playing hard to get is beyond me! But I do keep you on your toes with a quick wit and a creative mind… and I listen.
I love people, their stories, their minds and thoughts, their laughter… I love what different people bring to the table. Life is a huge buffet with everyone having a different dish to add to the festivities!
I count my blessings as often as possible.
I smile and laugh with strangers in coffee shops.
I dance while waiting in lines and find humor and joy in life to the extent possible.
I am an attractive (to my daughter’s dismay), sexy, playful, creative, single parent with a love of life and learning and exploring and loving that just won’t stop!
And here is where I write…


Aaron said...


egan said...

Coming soon?

Single Mom Seeking said...

On the edge of my seat... love the new look!

Mike said...

I'll believe it when I see it.

Liara Covert said...

Found you through Mark's blog at Naked Soul. Love the color scheme here and all the intriging mystery.

Merging Point said...

indeed, the layout is exceptional!

Sara said...

There are times when I read the "About" sections from an author's site and I think...I really wish I could meet this person. I just know I would find her "exceptional."

I loved everything you said her and how claimed your life, your love and your child with the joy and enthusiasm of a very special person.

Keep counting your blessing because I think they will continue to multiply:~)