27 February, 2007

Life after having a child

Single parenting is definitely not for the faint at heart. it is, to be honest, a lot of hard work with great rewards and very few "thank you's." That said, one of the aspects of ones life that suffers most is, you guessed it, sexuality.

When my child was born, I put my life on hold, so to speak. There have been no real dates; interludes are limited to after bedtime and during lunch; and meeting men has become difficult if not impossible. I mean, honestly, Where to meet quality men is one issue. The other being, I do not have the time or desire to play games.

Now, after years of being on hold, I have decided that I miss having a guy to chat with and hang out with - we are talking friend with benefits, not committed relationship. One guy happily informed me that I have to find someone before I am forty as life after forty, without a partner, is lonely. Well, that was an enlightening concept. Thus, it is a race against time and my independence.

I am entering a place where "no man has ever gone before." I am on the journey to discover... hum... I am not sure what I am on a journey to discover. Perhaps I am attempting to ascertain the answer to the question as stated in the title of this blog... Am I a MILF? Perhaps I am actually a Missing IN Action MILF? Perhaps we can find the answers - or at least have an interesting time trying.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Diego from LPSG again. Would love to flirt with you if you like. You can write me at jamuncaspud@yahoo.com and I'll see what kind of trouble I can get you into - including my definition of MILF and so on and so on.