06 March, 2007


Click! When it happens, we both know it; and, when it doesn't happen, sometimes we try to pretend that it doesn't matter. But honestly, who are we kidding, it totally matters.

Men have often, repeatedly, told me that women can get a guy with a snap of the fingers and a flip of the hair. Sure, that could be the case, if we are looking for a good roll in the hay... good being the operative word. Even that is better when there is overwhelming chemistry! But to find a "click"... that is the rare find. I am NOT talking about the "click" that says we are getting married, permanent relationship etc. It is the click that says we connect in different ways that make sex that much more fun, passionate, creative, and well, just fabulous!

Before the age of thirty, I took for granted that the "click" was no big deal. I mean, how hard can it be to find a nice, attractive, incredibly witty guy with great hands and an ego that is not only under control but that can enjoy being with an intelligent woman. You guys know what I mean? Now, that I am in my "gulp" mid-thirties, I realize that the "click" is much more difficult to find.

In the past six months I have been out with various nice guys. One of them decided that talking down to me was a good idea. Another just didn't click, not sure why. Another, well, the attraction just wasn't there. I finally found a guy with whom I believed there was a potential "click." Wow, my lucky day! Unfortunately that didn't work out for professional reasons. "sigh" (another topic all together, men who believe that work is life over work being an "aspect" of life) Didn't this guy understand that, in your mid-thirties, you don't just throw away a potential "click" opportunity! Admittedly, the professional change was a good one for him but... it was a potential "click."

Think about how many times you have found the "click" in your own life? I am sure that the number of people with whom you have clicked is actually quite small. Heed my warning, do not dismiss a "potential click" when it presents itself; it may be your last!

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