07 March, 2007

Size matters?

Size, this seems to be an issue that men enjoy discussing. For years I was perfectly happy, thrilled, and had no problem with my guy and his five inches. After a while he started asking "Am I small?" Come on, the honest answer to that, was, of course, yes, you are small, but to me it didn't matter. He said that he understood that, but wasn't I curious about something bigger.

Honestly, I was not curious. Perhaps I am unusual but, the size really didn't matter to me as long as it was doing its job to the best of its ability, reliably, and with frequency. Granted, the latter two points were a bit less than I would like, but... what could I say.

His desire for me to try a bigger size increased as time passed. Eventually we were at the point where I was going along with him in that he would post on CL to see what kind of men we could find for me to have an NSA experience. He didn't seem to understand that the size issue was more about him than me.

Can you guess where this is going? I have yet to find the "big" guy, though I know that they are out there. My eyes have never popped out of my head and I have never said "wow" at the appearance of an erection measuring more than 7 inches. For me, it is the man over the size that counts. Really guys, if the chemistry is there, are you going to turn a woman down because her chest is too big or too small?

Why do men measure anyway? I have noticed that so many men do measure that it is odd to find a guy that hasn't, but they are out there. Of course, then I wonder if they have measured and they just aren't admitting that they have.

I actually feel badly for the men who are "huge" as they probably never get the full feel of being inside. There is a point where it starts to hurt; we can only take so much! The smaller guys, though we might not feel "full" or have all the buttons pushed, feels his entire length surrounded and held. There are advantages to being small.

Ideally, I think that women want not too big/not too small, not to wide; not too thin; a nice shape; and a lot of foreplay and use of hands and mouth. Perhaps one of the most sexy qualities a guy can have, regardless of his size, is the knowledge that he can provide an amazing experience with whatever he has. This is not possible if there is doubt about size!


Anonymous said...

hi. i followed your link from lpsg, i'm cowbop, btw. guys love extreme things: fast, big, scary...you know. penis size is part of that. my wife doesn't really like sex, and that happened before i came along. so i'm bored and decided to go on this 'enlargement' jag using weights. my flaccid state doubled from 3-6", which i'm proud of (of course!). i got the idea from watching some african tribe on pbs many many years ago. guys post their progress doing this kind of thing @ thunderplace online. long story short, i have a big penis now, and it has little impact on my sex life. my wife's comments have ranges from 'you're dumb' to
'go very slow'. 99% of my sex life is actually masturbation, so i'm happier masterbating a big penis than little one, and it's great when i'm at the store and a attractive women notices my penis in my pants, and takes a long notice, i have no intention of doing anything behind my wife's back, i never would, but it's nice to be noticed in that way. my 2 cents, fascinating subject....

David said...

Although I may have an average size to large my girlfriend has told me over and over that it's not the size...but she thinks its a bonus to have size and someone that can move..

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post. I'm 27 and with a woman who is 37. She had 3 children with 2 other men before we got together. When we first started, there was little thought that we would be more than a fling, but it moved into a full-blown relationship. We know have a child of our own and are trying to work out our future.

My suggestion to you, is that if you are wanting some unattached sex, then go for those guys who classify you as a MILF and little else. If you're wanting a relationship, then less of a focus on MILF status is probably better, i.e. - an affectionate joke about being a MILF.