02 April, 2007


The question of marriage is interesting. I grew up in an area where people married just out of college and finished having kids by the time they were 30 (outside the occasional "oops") I now live in an area where most of my daughters friends parents didn't meet until they were in their mid-thirties with their kids coming after the age of 40. It is a different world.

That said, I know lots of single, intelligent, fabulous women who are in their early 30's, want to marry, and yet can not find a guy. The older people mentioned above all met at the beach, perhaps I will pass this bit of information along to my single female friends but... it is odd that they are unable to find someone. These are great women. But then again, that might be the issue; they are great.

Then there is me for whom marriage is not the goal. I face a different situation entirely as it appears that men actually want to marry! I have a great guy friend living abroad who doesn't want to marry. We actually are similar in our desire for a relationship that doesn't involve living in the same house but involves having kids etc. Okay, yes it is crazy, but I am not sure that marriage is for everyone. Unfortunately, my outlook on marriage is not the norm, American society is not really open to my ideal, and well, finding a guy to go along with it... and actually trust that I know what I want and... really, it is not "too good to be true!"

Anyway, this friend and I are just that, friends. There is absolutely no interest, on either of our parts, for anything more. Unfortunate given our similar outlooks, but true all the same.

Here I sit... great body, sense of humor, easy on the eyes, independent, creative, passionate, easy going, interested in finding a separate lives kind of relationship with a great guy... and there are no takers?! What is that about???? I have so much to offer with little to no demands. Hey, I am all about being honest above and beyond anything else, so an open relationship is possible...And... there is NO Catch!!

Okay, there is a catch, I am a bit on the opinionated side, enjoy a good debate or discussion of the issues, and I hate being bored. In other words, I am not going to go along with whatever you want or say because you are "the man!" I am also creative and passionate, which means that you are not always going to know what happens next.

Too good to be true??? Believe it or not, I am not the norm; but the exception... and I am truly all the above!

And yet I can't find "the" guy????!

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