03 April, 2007

Ladies Love Country Boys

What is it about country boys that ladies love? I find this very curious as I wonder if it is true. Is there something attractive about a guy with a drawl, farmer's tan, and a cowboy hat? I suppose that a country boy doesn't have to have the drawl, it could be a twang?!

Where is the "country?" When I first heard this song, I figured that they were talking about the South, but aren't country boys found in the Midwest and and southwest? Is Florida considered "country?"

Considering that "country" is Southside Virginia south to the Georgia/Florida line and west to an imaginary line drawn vertically north from Phoenix...what would make these men desirable?

I suppose it is the romantic notion about the cowboy - free, strong silent and comfortable in his skin. A man who can both handle himself and protect the lady in his life. This is a far cry from the idea of a city slicker who spends his time in front of a computer screen both day and night, his idea of exercise involves a weight room, and he may venture outside to endure the elements for a few minutes as he ventures across the parking lot going to or from his car. This man does not have the rough, well used hands that come from working the land. His hands are soft and potentially moist. (hum, there might be something to this country boy stuff!)

Beyond the physical, country boys may share a stereotype with those boys from the south in that they are believed to be gentlemen. This might be somewhat misleading as "gentlemen" may infer genteel, which is not necessarily the case. One thing I have experienced about country and southern men (not boys mind you) is that they do know how to treat a lady. Things are a bit more slow, a bit more reserved, and well, a bit more polite and respectful. Those mama's teach their boys right! perhaps women have less equality in the country relative to city standards but they may also be valued more as women. They definitely contribute an equal amount to the family/society.

Ah, let's not forget charm. Again, something potentially shared with the classic southern gentlemen but the charm of a country boy is a tad different. A southern gentlemen exudes charm; they are natural politicians. These guys can sweet talk the skin off a rattlesnake poised to strike! They are that much more charming when they are honest; thus, the charm is heart felt and passionate in nature.

The country boy is charming as he is direct, fun loving, high spirited... or perhaps a man of few words. His charm is less about being sweet and such and more about cutting to the chase, innocence, and perhaps more genuine.

Lastly, we can't forget the twang, drawl, or accent of sort. It amazes me how many people with a "country accent" work to leave their accent in the country. It also amazes me that politicians seem to attempt to thicken or "use" an accent when it serves them best. I, for one, am not a huge fan of the twang or the drawl. However, some of my favorite men (and good friends) are from the south and have an accent. For these men, their accents are a natural part of who they are, not something they use or work to lose. These guys are some of the most passionate and honest men I know (and I know my share of men given my age and the nature of my profession - which does not involve a red-light, thank you very much!))

I grew up with country boys, grew up with want-to-be country boys, and have known my share of rednecks. I never thought I would say what I am about to say, but when I consider my past, it kind of holds true for me, along with lots of other women I guess...

There is something about those country boys! So perhaps ladies do love them, go figure!

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Line Dancing Fool! said...

Great post! Cheers to us who love country boys :)

That's my list of the top 20 reasons I love country boys!