12 April, 2007

Lady in Red

Today I am wearing red. I just grabbed a dress and well, it turned out to be bright red. I think it kind of matches my mood. I feel like I am a little sharp tongued today... kind of one of those no nonsense moods; cut to the chase; no time for a lot of details... still fun but everything is or could be a little bit more clipped.

That said, this dress leaves very little to the imagination in that it is a bit slinky. No cleavage but there is no doubt that I am curvy and female! One of those dresses I love to wear as it is so light that it tends to feel as if I am wearing nothing. I wish men could enjoy that experience... the sensation of something fitting so nicely that it simply makes you look that much better and floats with your body.

Okay, so... back to work... I am in a bit of a red mood though... If I had to pick a "type of physical activity with a man I would enjoy today" label for today... it would be more passion filled; hot and heavy; a bit more rough than gentle; fifteen minutes with a lot of calories burned.

1 comment:

Carrie said...

Being partial to red, it is such an empowering and confident colour. I always feel better when wearing red - which is why I wear it every day, even if the public can't see it.