11 April, 2007

Thoughts about sex

Conversations with children are always interesting if not enlightening. Talking to OEK is no exception. A good friend of mine (guy friend/platonic) found this out when she was three. He came to pick us up for the airport. While I was upstairs, she informed him that "My mamma has big breasts!" I did my best to keep from blushing, not that he, being a man, hadn't figured this out, but... it is one thing to know that men know this and another to have my three year old drawing their attention to the fact.

I admit it, I am a fan of Seinfeld. It is one of my few vices and occasionally I indulge. OEK is familiar with Seinfeld as well (good or bad, it is what it is) Here is our conversation regarding George last night...
OEK: "He always has sex."
me: "He Does?"

I thought that this was interesting. OEK is seven; I wondered what she thought sex could be but wasn't sure that I wanted to ask. That said, one of my primary concerns, as a single parent, is that she and I feel comfortable talking about all issues. The earlier this starts, the better? SO I asked...

me: "What is sex?" (Just straight to the point)
OEK: "When two people are in bed together kissing."
Me: "Ah..." and now teasing her a bit... "Have you ever had sex?"
OEK: "No, and I don't want to... yuck!"

This conversation is not unlike those we have had in the past; however, they were not about sex. At the ripe old age of 4 she decided that she was never going to fall in love "again." When asked why, she said that she had "loved" one of the boys in her class... and it was "over." He was the last!

While her friends dream of being moms, play princess games or house, OEK is all about dancing, mysteries, and not getting married or having kids. She was happy to learn that having kids is completely her choice. I wonder if things will change when she learns how babies are made... and then again when she gets older and those hormones kick in. Boys have been fighting over her attention since she was two; she just doesn't care.

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