20 April, 2007

Marroon and Orange

Maroon and Orange - these are the colors of the day. A woman called into the radio station this morning to report that the sunrise, from her perspective, was maroon and orange as well. Today we are supporting the VA Tech community.

Today, as I selected my daughter's outfit, I grabbed a t-shirt (white) and a pair of Denham ccapri pants. She is seven and has not said anything about what happened earlier this week. I have no doubt that she is aware of what happened as we listen to the radio each morning. She picks up far more than she discusses. I have not chosen to discuss this with her because she internalizes everything, worries on the inside, and well... she is seven. I don't want her living with the fear that I know she would experience. (They talked about stranger danger at school... she explained what she would do each morning for months on end as we walked to school... it still bothers her, but she is prepared)

I will talk with her about it at some point, just as we discuss what to do in a fire or in another type of emergency... but that day is not today and it has not occurred this week.

I thought about it and put back the white Tee... she is wearing an orange shirt and orange socks instead. She doesn't have maroon. I am wearing the maroon dress. Together we are a team... and together we support the Tech community. Although she might not understand why she is wearing orange and I am wearing maroon, those that see us will... and those, to whom it matters, will understand and know that they have our support.


brandy said...

I like the idea of you guys going out as a team. And I appreciate reading a post that talks of how someone is dealing, or responding to the VT tragedy in a positive way. Nice read!

kate said...

Its interesting I got that through my daughter as well this week. I wonder if she remembered!

I think its a small but lovely 'something' that the kids can do to feel a part of this thing they dont fully understand.

Have a nice weekend!

Bre said...

completely lovely