20 April, 2007

Move over Lace, Here Comes Cotton

I was cleaning drawers over the weekend and discovered an amazing thing; my drawers are more cotton than lace. When did this happen? I still have the lace, still buy the lace, and yet, there is an amazing amount of cotton.

Mind you, I have nothing against cotton. In cotton form, I can share my day with butterflies, flower, or my all time favorite... Garfield. I have nothing against lace either. The question is, when did cotton overtake lace as the material of choice?

I always pictured myself as the mom who wore the lace; who didn't give into society and the idea that the proper choice for a mother would be cotton. I wanted my daughter to know that regardless of what society says or thinks... she can celebrate her femininity with lace under her non-descript black/gray clothes. Ah... how life has changed.

My daughter is femininity without trying. She has a streak of tom boy in that she loves science, math, rock climbing, exploring... and does not like the girl stuff like pink, princesses, Barbie. Her dream is to dance, and right now, there is nothing stopping her. Dancing is not usually a career that parents consider when they have kids, but when a child has a talent and/or a passion...support without pressure is what we are called to give.

Back to the lace... so it sits in my drawer. I honestly don't do much thinking in the morning as I grab clothes. I suppose I should. Yes, I am going to be sitting in my office with just the computer and phone for company but... that doesn't mean I shouldn't look good. And looking good is not just about the top layer! So why have I determined that lace is a "special occasion" item? And we are not just talking a "special occasion." We are talking about those stand out, amazing happenings that don't often occur or do not occur with any great frequency.

I feel like lace is good china or crystal, only taken out for celebrations etc as everyone is afraid a piece will break. But if we save nice things for special occasions, they are rarely used. Why not celebrate every day as a special occasion? Maybe it is time to give lace another chance... after all, every day is worth a little celebration.


Bre said...

I'm a silk kind of girl, because if I have to dress like a responsible human being, I can at least know that I'm still fun and fabulous underneath!

brookem said...

i agree! bust out that lace on a sunday, with sweats even! just a touch of femininity underneath, just *knowing* you have it on, can make you feel that much more sexy and confident.
thanks for visiting my blog btw! :)

The Exception said...

Silk is great too! Isn't being a girl great! Thanks for the comments!

kapgar said...

Yeah, I'm all about the cotton, too. I gave up lacey underthings a long time ago.

Oh... I guess I shouldn't have admitted that, eh?

Carrie said...

Being a girl is fabulous - I too have tons of lovely lace items that haven't seen the light of day, even if it's before I pull on my jeans for the day. I think that will change, because you're right: if you save special things for special events only you're forgetting that each and every day is special. Even if you're in sweats.

Eduardo said...

Cotton is the best.

T-shirt and boy shorts beats anything frilly and lacey any day of any week.

The Exception said...

Ah, a man puts in his 2 cents worth! Thanks!