14 May, 2007

Christmas in May

I am looking at plane tickets for the winter holidays. Yes, I realize that it is only May. I realize that the rest of my family has no idea what they are doing right now. I realize that most people are not thinking about the winter holidays but are focused upon today, next week, or possibly their summer plans. But I am looking at tickets for the holidays.

This used to be so easy. I would type in my departure airport and my arrival airport, choose my dates, and wow... ticket information. I would choose the least expensive carrier, and the process would be complete.

And then I started not wanting to fly west for the holidays.
And then my daughter decided that flying west for the holidays wasn't always that great.
And then we decided that we really like flying Midwest because of the big seats and the chocolate chip cookies.

At this point they raised the price to fly into our city of choice from about 400.00 to over 1000.00 dollars. In other words, it is now cheaper for me to spend two weeks in Europe (at least) with my daughter than to fly us both west for the holidays.

Last year we flew into Vegas. Oh la la, Vegas during the holidays. The price was right; we could fly Midwest; but, then we had to drive quite a while to get to our final destination. Thus, Vegas is not going to work this year.

A month ago I check prices - still over 1000.00 to fly into the city of choice. I have NO idea why this is the case as that is an obscene amount of money to charge to fly within the US. We checked the next state over - and I can get there for 300.00 a seat (rounded down). BUT (note that is a big but) this means flying in the cramped back of a plane on which I don't have frequent flyer miles which would allow me to upgrade. Not to mention that this is the city my mom decided I would fly to before I ever looked at tickets.

Yes, I realize, the price is vastly different. I know that I will take the crowded coach seats, pack my own lunch, and pay the cheaper price per seat - but I do NOT want to do so.

I want to take the package deal to Iceland and spend a long weekend (for the same price and a shorter flight) exploring a new location. I want to be rid of the family politics. I want to relax rather than deal with a child who is ready to go "home" after about five days . I want to forget about the stress involved in my attempts to see and spend time with everyone and their dog while I am on my one vacation a year. I actually, believe it or not, want a vacation!


I won't.

I will go home like the daughter that I am. I will make nice and attempt to relax. I will over schedule myself, deal with my cranky daughter, attempt to realize that it is the holidays - which are about family, right? And, I will dream of a day when I can do my own thing for the holidays.

For right now though, I will complain and vent, and rant about how expensive the tickets are, how I don't want to take that cheap flight, and how much I love flying first class!


brookem said...

i know it! flights are so damn expensive it's insane really. i feel your pain!

Bre said...

I loathe looking for flights! I have to be in a wedding several states away this comin November... and the day after the wedding I have to be back in Pennsylvania by 130ish in the afternoon. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? Finding a flight at a price I'm willing to pay for my tricky time frame is awful!

BeautifulDisaster said...

I recommend you take a year for yourself. You'll have a fantastic time and even miss the fam a little, and the fam/friends will appreciate your presence more next time rather than feel entitled to it. At least that was my experience when I did it.

The Exception said...

Brookem - It is ridiculous. I don't know if it is just that state or what. It strikes me as odd when I can fly to the surrounding states for less than half the cost.

Bre - Time restrictions don't make it any easier. I wish you all the best of luck. Hopefully the fun of the wedding will make up for the pain of the flight!

DB - Ah, now that would be the life. I would love to be a rebel and just do it but I am not sure that I could. I have created enough waves in my life that maybe it is my time to play nice for a wee bit. I can dream though! ;)