15 May, 2007

It Began with a Dream

Yes, that's right, it started with a dream.

You know, the dreams in which you wake, but you aren't completely awake; just caught somewhere between the reality of the feel of the bed and sheets and the dream unfolding within your mind and playing across the back of your eye lids.

It was an interesting dream. I was with a large group of people all vying for seats on a circular stone wall. I found one. There was an empty space next to me. Two guys decided to squeeze into that spot. The guy that ended up next to me was American. You know, tall, square shoulders, masculine facial features, clean shaven, baseball cap - the kind of guy that is American in looks regardless of what he wears or where he is in the world. As we shifted to find comfortable spacing there was the casual brushing of my arm against his; shoulder against shoulder; leg against leg. And there was - electricity. Like sparks of energy that warmed the point of contact and set sparks flying up the nerves directly to the core of my body.

That is how my day began.

It is nice to have a dream, such as that, begin the day. The dream, coupled with the beauty of the day, left me feeling in quite a relaxed and peaceful state of being. I dealt with the little "issues" that occurred at work; answered the phone; threw on my tennis shoes with my linen dress and went to pick up my daughter from the bus stop.

We hit Starbucks for an after school/pre-homework snack. The line was amazingly long for 2:00 in the afternoon (probably due to the weather) There were suits everywhere. My daughter skipped off to the bathroom while I stood at the end of the line waiting.

A suit came from my right. He walked behind me. He stood in line. I glanced at him on my right side and then on my left. I thought fleetingly of my dream. (He did not bare any resemblance to that guy ) And then... he spoke.

I was stunned.

He asked if I worked around here and was taking advantage of the weather to get lunch.

I said yes.

He then talked about the length of the line, that they should install machines, which I was totally against, and he was totally for given the length of the line.

And then my daughter reappeared. The guy banished. (Amazing what kids can do) and we were left to engage in friendly flirtation with the cashier and the guy who handed us our drinks. I did not see the suit from behind me again.

My day continued without incident, but I have thought about the suit a few times. I have to give the guy credit for attempting to engage in a conversation with me, but I am not sure why he did? I did not, exactly, appear striking or fetching; but more eclectic and odd. I mean that in an honest and not negative way. Remember, I was wearing a linen dress with athletic socks and tennis shoes. I was carrying a child's back pack over my shoulder. (blue I might add) I was wind blown and had been standing in the sun. Very different than the suits (male and female) and/or mothers in with their kids straight from their cars.

Perhaps it was the residue of the dream; something in the air about me that was sensed by several but acted upon by one? perhaps he just likes wind blown women in dresses and athletic footwear? I got it, it was the back pack - the key to picking up men is a small LL Bean back pack!

Whatever the case - I felt flattered in a small sense. It is nice to be chatted up, if ever so briefly, when caught between two worlds.


Eduardo said...

Error. Error. Error.

You must admit that you have no idea whether you appeared striking or fetching. You might have been aiming for eclectic and odd, but wimmens often engage in all manner of dress and activity which they don't assume is attractive and yet, it very much is.

Bre said...

Somehow I get the best reactions from men when I'm either not trying or trying not to. Go figure!

The Exception said...

Edwardo - yeah, I have no idea how I look to men. When I think I look good I get nothing; when I am not trying, they are totally looking. Men do not make sense.

Bre - Same here. Good thing I don't try too often! ;)

Dating Guy said...

Maybe he was just being friendly and didn't necessarily plan on picking you up.

I often talk to people in lines, at coffee shops, outside while I'm running, in the elevator, etc. I'm not sure if he was trying to pick you up but I just want to point out that there's at least one man out there (i.e. me) that makes it a point to talk to most people he comes in contact with during the day.

I say, forget about whether he got scared off or not and just be more friendly, which it sounds like you are. Men will naturally pick up on that and start talking to you - I would :)

Beth said...

I'm definitely going to have to get an LL Bean backpack now!