21 May, 2007

Farewell Martian

The intricacies of this world are continually surprising me.

I have not been posting very long though must admit that I find myself enjoying the writing/reading of posts. I do not have more than twenty sites I visit daily, but I find that I can lose track of time reading, linking, and occasionally commenting. I, like most I am sure, enjoy reading the comments of others on my own thoughts and ideas. This is a different world, but one I find quite enjoyable, for the most part.

This morning I arrived at my computer to find that one of my favorite guys has decided to stop posting. Although I can probably figure out why he has made this decision, I will miss his writing. He wrote with such honesty and passion; I suppose it was difficult for anyone to read his posts without being drawn in in a way that you want to share in his success, his joy, and support him through his challenges.

I hope that he will read this and realize that he is missed. I wish him such strength and endurance in the months ahead and great happiness in his life.

This was not the first time I have seen someone stop posting. We all take breaks, need time to ourselves, the reason for writing is no longer valid, or any of many and as sundry other reasons. I never expected to feel a pang of sadness to have a person stop writing.

I am sure that there are sociologists and psychologists throughout the country observing and analyzing the world of the blog. Through posts, relationships are formed. Relationships that are not like any that I have experienced in the past; relationships that I can not truly define. Has anyone figured it out?

How do you say good bye to a person who you know only through their writing and their comments? How do you shake his hand, give him the warmest hug possible, and wish him a safe journey? How do you communicate the pleasure it was to "know" him though for only a short period of time?


Eric said...

I was pretty upset when they closed Kiss and Blog.

The Exception said...

I enjoyed that one as well but didn't find it until the day after Wombat closed it. I keep it on the left because some of his posts are interesting.

Bre said...

Blogging is such a part of my mental health that I can't imagine wanting to close mine. I'm missing quite a few bloggers too, and you're right - it's hard to say goodbye!

brandy said...

I always hate it when I stumble across someone who has already stopped posting but you can read their archives. Knowing that you won't get any more brilliant writing from someone is scary. Man. Now I'm just thinking of everyone who I hope never stops. Promise me you won't?? Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I need to stop typing! :)

The Exception said...

Bre - mental health is a good thing. Just keep writing away! ;)

Brandy - I enjoy reading through another's archives though I too miss "what comes next."

A good-bye, in this world, can be so sudden. You want to say good-bye and yet are not sure if the person will ever get the message.

Carrie said...

What I love most about blogging is the ability to have a close and intimate relationship with people just by the words they chose to type. I don't know what anyone looks like and they in turn don't know what I look like. We're strangers connected through thoughts, words and deeds - and we revel in each others independence and stories.

This IS a new type of relationship - one I never thought I'd begin, let alone have to end with some brilliant bloggers I've come across. The only thing I can think of is leaving a comment to say thank you and goodbye - most hosts email comments to some address... other than that...

James said...

Thank you, E. I think that these words are possibly the nicest thing that anyone has said about me in a long, long time.

You do know why I stopped over there.

But it wasn't stopping, so much as sloughing off a part that I no longer needed.

(I am still here.)

The Exception said...

James - Thanks. The posts were beautifully written.