03 June, 2007

Alien Speak

I didn't sleep well last night. I ended up finishing a few books and starting another. I just couldn't sleep.

This morning I was in a bad mood. I am sure that everything would have been fine were I in the house by myself and able to lock myself away with my bed and a book. I truly was not going to be in the best frame of mind. Just plane irritable.

In addition to losing my good mood during my sleepless night, I also seem to have lost the ability to speak English. I don't know where or when I lost this capability but I know that it must be true as I have yet to have a conversation today that doesn't involve me having to answer five questions that were addressed in my original statement.

Usually I would dismiss the communication issue as me attempting to talk to a seven year old with a lot of questions and no time to listen fully to the answers. I can't do that today though as it is not just with her that I have had the issue. It is clearly me. I am speaking a foreign language; texting in a foreign language; and probably typing this in a foreign language.

I just have no patience for details, for questions, for unnecessary chatter.

Perhaps I need to return to bed and hope that my ability to communicate and/or speak English will return following a nap!


Scotty said...

Naps are always good...
nappytime is happytime

The Exception said...

Naps can be fabulous. Yesterday, I definitely needed one.

Bre said...

Taking a nap is a fabulous solution to just about every problem I can think of!

ruby said...

I hope you catch a nap soon! And maybe a small treat too like a latte or a manicure.

justacoolcat said...

I think I must be in the same boat because you made perfect sense to me.

The Exception said...

Bre - I love to nap - especially when it is raining (like yesterday) and when there is a cat curled up with me.

Ruby - ah... or maybe a massage...a treat would be fabulous.

Justacoolcat - Where were you yesterday when I needed someone to speak my language! ;)

Thanks for visiting.

Eric said...

I am going to go take a nap now.