08 June, 2007

Hot and Bothered

Brian chuckled as he provided the forecast this morning for today's weather... we will have the 3H's - hot, hazy, and humid. Look for a high around 95 with a heat index of 100.

He is amused.

I am not.

He goes on to inform me, with a smile in his voice, that the national Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for this afternoon between the hours of 2 and 8. He is quite the jolly weather man. I want to know when the Canadians are sending us the next cold front. (During the summer, I love Canada)

In the south (which we try to be on days such as this) they call a day like today "sultry" which sounds much more romantic than hazy, hot, and humid.

Sultry puts me in a place where there is a cool breeze blowing off a body of water (the Mississippi or the Gulf, it doesn't matter) and I am sitting quietly with a book on a veranda under a fan sipping unsweetened iced tea (I am not a southerner, I just can't do the sweet tea thing) and reading a book or taking a nap.

Hazy, hot and Humid puts me in a mood. I know that my thick hair will not dry. My clothes will be soaking wet by the time I get home. Tempers, mine and everyone else's, will be on edge as it is just to hot to breathe, thus, smiling and behaving nicely is just out of the question.

Brian goes on to inform me that this is a precursor to August - as if I need to be reminded. He sounds so happy as he delivers this bad news. He does, however, have a piece of good news. The air quality today is "yellow" so breathing pollution is not a concern. What a relief! I will only be breathing water with my air today rather than the pollution spewing across the border from West Virginia.

So yes, I am hot. Yes, I am bothered. I want to enjoy a sultry day along the river instead of being stuck here next to the swamps

I want to go home, put my hair up, take off everything but my shirt and panties and just lounge under a ceiling fan enjoying the silence and the absence of everyone and their hazy, hot, and humid moods.


Bre said...

That sounds like the perfect solution to beating the heat. My plan is to sit in the hot tub with some ice cold wine for a while or so, then get out and let the central air send me into shivers. Works wonders.

Scotty said...

Sultry? I definitely think the same thing as you when I hear that word.

Princess Banter said...

Hot and humid puts me in a mood too. And coming from someone who lives in a country where it is hot and humid all year round -- you never quite get used to it. Yet, you learn to live with it :)

TxGambit said...

Yuck, its not sultry here. I'm in TX and its just hot and humid and yuck. I have really thick hair too.

And, I think my a/c is out. :( So my ceiling fans are working overtime!

JustRun said...

It's hot and a "dry heat" here. I am a hot weather person, though, so I just sit and sweat and keep my mouth shut.
(In order to not complain, I mean... not anything else.) :)

Steph said...

We're in the middle of a cold snap in Australia, so hot and humid sounds awesome to me.

The Exception said...

Bre - That sounds wonderful as well. I hope that it worked.

Scotty - It is a romantic word. It doesn't make the weather any different though! ;)

Princess Banter- I can't imagine living in such a climate. I have adjusted to it as much as I can but... it truly plays on my mind and body.

TXGambit - I hope you get your AC fixed as it could be a very long summer for you without it! Ceiling fans are amazing. I can't understand why more people here don't have them.

Just Run - Ah, a dry heat! There truly is a difference. I love the dry heat! I am from the west - the humidity thing is just not nice.

Steph - I will send the 3 H's to you first class, just let me know when you want to pick them up! (I was in Darwin in June a while back - now that place is humid and hot!)