11 June, 2007

Exceptional Randomness

Willow tagged me - and here we go... (more than you ever wanted to know about... me!)
The Rules

I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

And here are some bits of Exceptional Randomness

- I was a cheerleader. Yep, that's right ladies and gentlemen, I was, at one point, a cheerleader. Little flippy skirt and all. Go figure.

- Many years ago there was a TV movie called "The Day After." I credit that movie with shaping my career. The movie scared me to the point that I knew that the answer to my fear was to know the enemy. Off I went with full intent to become a Sovietologist (they don't exist anymore) which didn't happen as the USSR fell apart right after I entered college. That said, my professional aspiration continue to follow the idea - know the enemy.

- I studied Italian in college for no reason other than the fact that I love the language. When I traveled to Europe after graduation, I found that I could understand spoken French more than I could spoken Italian. It was all about the cadence. Go figure.

- I used to love political thrillers and espionage books. It was all I read. I loved books with WWII as the setting as well. I don't read them anymore. I just can't. Work is already too heavy enough/too real, I no longer find the books entertaining - or perhaps it is just too close to my day job.

- "She Don't Know She's Beautiful" is perhaps my theme song. I am truly and honestly completely oblivious to how attractive I am despite the things men have told me. I think that if I knew/believed what they say, my life might be very different but I don't know how.

- I do not like diamonds. Yes, I know, diamonds are a girl's best friend etc, but I do not like them much at all. I prefer the truly rare stones - like sapphires. I love jewelry like others love shoes.

- I have always loved to write. My dad thought I would grow up to write children's stories (my grandmother thought I would be an attorney as I love to argue). I do not write such stories anymore, but I still love to write whenever I can. I was a master of letter writing until we started writing e-mail instead of letters. Those were the days. I tend to write stream of consciousness letters, which some love and others hate! I do more wordsmith/editing than writing in my current job.

- I love sandwiches and could eat them for every meal (except when there is pasta to be had!) I do not like breakfast - would rather have a brunch - perhaps a sandwich!

- I love European chocolates, ice cream and prefer plants to bouquets of flowers. I am a sucker for holding hands. I place a lot of trust in my instincts. The way to my heart is via the simple things.

- I am always open for questions, so if you have any, drop me an e-mail from the profile page!

Okay, anyone who wants to play along - feel free to do so. Have fun and leave me a comment so that I can read some fabulously random facts about you.

Happy Monday!


ruby said...

"She Don't Know She's Beautiful" is such a great song! Love this list! I love Euro chocolate too!

Anonymous said...

All right everyone, I have seen her, and believe me...she is HOT!

brandy said...

I get the notion of not really being into jewelry. I'm really not a huge fan either and would rather have the money go towards something else (like a trip! or shoes!). As for ICE CREAM!, I too am a huge fan. Especially if it's cotton candy!

TxGambit said...

Love it! I'm not a big diamond fan either. I have one that is special to me because it was my g-grandmother's but other than that, I am not a fan.

Yum, ice cream!

Oh and I am going to post my random facts shortly.

surfercam said...

I don't believe you were a cheerleader - therefore you will have to post a picture of you in your cheerleading outfit...

Eric said...

I am going to have to agree with surfercam, I think we need pictures.

Scotty said...

oooo.. I could seriously eat sandwiches for every meal also!

And please post pics :)

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Good to know more about you...fun facts....

egan said...

Awesome, not a fan of diamonds. Can we be friends? Also like that you're open for questions. Such a great offer. Let me think here, what's something unique about you?

The Exception said...

Ruby - Yum... I love Italian specifically... the dark chocolate mixed with the hazelnuts!

Anonymous - *thanks*

Brandy - I have never had that kind of ice bream. In Italy, I live on ice cream. They really know how to make it! (But then, I bet Canadians do too...;) )

TXGambit - I don't understand the craze about diamonds; they are pretty but significantly overpriced.

Can't wait to read your list.

Surfercam - I have traded in my sweater and skirt for plunging neck lines and tailored dresses/heals. My cheerleading days are a distant memory! But for you... I might pull it all out again with the right incentive! ;)

Eric - You will just have to use your imagination! ;)

Scotty - Sandwiches are the best! Everything is right there and portable! (See picture comments above)

Princess Extraordinaire - The list yesterday was just what I needed as I have been slammed with work until now.

Egan - Friends... think I can manage that. And what is something unique about me - everything is unique about me. I am, after all, The Exception! ;) And I love questions. (asking and answering)