06 June, 2007

Just Somethin' About an Ausi Man

I admit it, I love Australian men. I can't help it. There is something about them that I find attractive.

That said, the most attractive guy I have ever met was Canadian from Montreal.

The men with whom I have been involved have been American - and we are talking baseball and apple pie, slightly southern, only slightly tall, and as stubborn as am I. They open doors, sincerely care about my well being, love their mothers, and do not hold back when it comes to debating and discussing anything and everything.

I love my American guys, but there is something about the Ausi man that makes my heart beat a little faster; my tongue tie in knots; and I have this uncontrollable desire to... giggle.

Yes, I have met my share of Australian men, so this is not some romantic notion that is not based in reality. I still have family in Australia and have visited the land down under. And if you think it is a down under thing, you would be incorrect, I have family in New Zealand as well and have visited, I do not find the men to be as attractive.

SO I wonder, what could it be about these men? It could be that the Ausi men I have met and befriended were the cream of the crop. Attractive, mannered, fun loving, quick witted, and charming in a boyish way. They were well traveled, well read, and yet, very Australian. Oh, and They worked hard, but they didn't live to work (which is something Americans need to learn). And wow, could these guys play!

Or... it could be the accent, though I do like a good Scottish brogue as well.

Perhaps it is that they are a bit more rough around the edges, less polished? Kind of that "bad boy" or Dangerous" side that many women are drawn to, but these guys are not necessarily dangerous.

Perhaps it is that they know when to stop working and start playing? They know how to balance life with work?

And maybe it is more about Australia itself - its beaches, open spaces, diversity, fabulous tropical fruit, exotic mystique absent from US shores, the rainforests, islands, miles upon miles of land. It's lack of people, its unusual animals, its natural wonders (does this include the men?). It is a country unlike any other. Each country has its own character; much to love and yet other aspects that aren't so great. Australia is no different. And yet, I fell in love with it and would return in a heart beat. ,

Perhaps the answer to my question is simply that I am drawn to the country itself and see the men as being the embodiment of all the mystery that is Australia.


cathouse teri said...

Nope. You're right. Aussie men are sexy. They've just got it, that's all. All the things you said. Although I've never dated such a man. And I've never been to the land.

By the way, I FINALLY answered your tag!

Double-A said...

I'd be compelled to say it was the accent, but seriously: Folks from Oz just know how to have fun. That's the bottom line. Most of our offices suck. Although the I've never been to our Austrailian office, I've heard tales.

justacoolcat said...

I've met a bunch of Australians too and I'd say the same about the women.

LeiselB said...

The accent alone is delicious enough for me to agree wholeheartedly with you. ;)

Emma Sometimes said...

The accent. Oh, the accent. Give me an accent and I'm a lost woman.

Mr. Coffee (hubby) does not have an accent but he makes it up in tall, dark and hot. We have four kids...I'm just saying.....

egan said...

I think you answered your own question there at the end. That said, I have a weakness for French women.

The Exception said...

Teri - I have never dated one either, but I have known a few. They just have something going on. I would enjoy dating one though.

Double-A - I knew a guy that was TDY there. He loved it. He said it was like stepping back in time when life was simpler and more fun.

Justacoolcat - The women are great as well. I don't find them attractive, but they are very grounded, fun loving people.

LeiselB - I met a guy who sounded Australian. He wasn't. He was actually British but had lived in Texas for a time. So, the Ausi accent might be a combination of the southern drawl and the British... whatever it is??? Whatever it is, I love it!

Emma Sometimes - Hey, there is something to be said for tall dark and hot! That is definitely something to chat about!

Egan - and now you have identified one of my few flaws, I tend to answer my own questions! You know, I am not sure I have ever heard a man say that they like "American" women. I mean, men do but...

brandy said...

I love that I'm so happy to be Canadian that I got excited that the most attractive man you met was Canadian. Like, I'm proud of that even though it really has nothing to do with me. As for my 'weakness', I would say the southern drawl really does it for me. The guys who say 'golly' and drive pick up trucks and who look like Josh Lucas in Sweet Home Alabama. Okay, now I'm giggling. I have to stop.

Michelle said...

oooh, then you must go to a Thunder From Down Under show! Hahaha, sorry someone just posted an entry about them, and you know they really do have that whole Aussie thing going.
I don't know what kind of men I have a weakness for. Well, nothing foreign, unless you count nerds. I have a thing for the nerdy boys ^_^

Anonymous said...

I think they just have extra hawtness factored into their DNA. That or you have some sort of fetish that can only be triggered by their accent.

JustRun said...

They are most definitely a special kind of charming.

brookem said...

for me, it's the accent. and the roughness. uh, lookswise. ;)

The Exception said...

Brandy - He was quite the cutie, that man from Montreal. And yes, there is definitely something about those southern boys!

Michelle - I have never been to any of those shows. Might have to try that. It is interesting to see the types of men (in general) that attract us.

Ba Doozie - I do love that accent - hum.... I might have to go back to Australia to do a study as to what it is that I find attractive - is it genetic, in the water???

Just Run - I wonder if they consider themselves charming? ;) Whatever they have, I like it.

Brookem - Yeah, a bit rough around the edges - just not as polished as the Yankee man.