05 June, 2007

Visit to the Tropics

The sun shines brightly from a vivid blue sky. Its warmth touches my skin and soaks through to my bones. I relax completely. A breeze plays through the leaves and gently plays with the tendrils of my hair that have escaped my bun. It touches my skin, easing the intensity of the sun's heat and providing a sense of relief. The air is swollen with water, enfolding me in its sultry embrace. birds of all colors and sizes provide the background music while my lungs are filled with the intoxicating smells of flowers and trees in bloom.

Eyes closed, I allow nature to work its magic and seduce me into a feeling of complete relaxation and bliss.


I partially open an eye to ensure that everything is okay. I am reluctant to visually remind myself that I am not in the tropics or on the Mediterranean Coast. I am, in fact, surrounded by children and their parents at our small neighborhood pool.

this is so not where this body and these sunglasses and this woman belong!


Memphis Steve said...

If I could write as well as you do, I .... I ... I'd be a much better writer.

Neal said...

Great description of a warm day. I would have to use a lot of imagination to feel that way.

Beth said...

That's funny! I was wondering if you were on vacation somewhere before I read the last part!

The Exception said...

Steve - Thanks, but you do a fabulous job yourself.

Neal - Well, I hope that the image I created warmed your toes just a bit?

Beth - I wish I were on vacation!

Bre said...

I say - close your eyes and head back into the fantasy! :)

Michelle said...

let us all drop our current busy consistent lives and go on a tropical vacation!!
i can fundraise the money for it, i have experience in fundraising. shall we?