22 June, 2007

The Monument

My favorite DC monument is the Washington monument.

Don't get me wrong, they are all great in their own way. My daughter is drawn to Lincoln and has been since she was quite small. She loves to climb the hundreds of steps and just look at Uncle Abe.

Many are drawn to Vietnam which has to be one of the most quiet and tranquil areas on the Mall.

Still others crowd to WWII and Jefferson.

For me, it is Washington or "The Monument" as we call it.

I first saw the Monument when I was 15. We visited the Mall at dusk. The breeze was blowing the flags around the base while spotlights lit the monument itself. It was something to see.

In graduate school I visited DC with a friend (Cdr). We were only here for a few days staying with my cousin. It was fabulous - museums, Eastern Market, and the Mall.

Cdr - I think that they should tip that thing on its side!
Exception - What? I was shocked. Tip the Monument?
Cdr - Yes, and I will happily do it.

She was serious. It has been 10 years, and she still wants to tip it over. For her it means something far different than it means to me.

I looked at the Monument yesterday as we went flying to and from the top and bottom of the Mall. It stood stoically surrounded by people from all over the world. Dogs walked, Washingtonians jogged, kids (including the Diva) ran through the sprinklers, and the Monument stood observing the activity. It is not ornate. It is not an amazing piece of architecture or does not house art or historical memorabilia. It is simple and yet strong.

It is still my favorite of all DC monuments.


Willow said...

I've never been to DC, so it was nice to see these things through your eyes. I always thought the Lincoln monument was pretty cool looking in the movies:)

The Exception said...

It is a great monument. The Diva can sit there for hours. And the view from there to Washington is amazing.

2xA+r0n said...

I've never had the occassion to visit DC. I'm sure I could devote an entire week to visiting the different monuments and what-not. You should have included pictures. :)