24 June, 2007

Salt Water, Sand, and Memories

I am out of here for a bit to spend a few days on the shore. IN the meantime, I am stealing an idea from Scorpy. I have to admit, I loved the idea when I found it while skimming through his archives. (Now that is a library full of gems)

I hope he doesn't mind, but I am just going to use his words as he stated this so succinctly.

It is fun - doesn't take much time - and well, the sky is the limit. So, in the words of the master:

This is a Mandatory Group Activity!!!! Here's the deal: Post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me. It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE. You've got free reign. Start your sentence "Remember when you and I...."


TxGambit said...

Have a great time!!!! Oh and remember when you and I drank ourselves silly on the cruise to Greece. And, we ended up on stage during that dance number. We got a standing oviation and were asked to perform the next night. Good times.

cathouse teri said...

Remember that time when you and I went out to the club to see that great band we heard about? And we met that couple. They were so fun! She loved dancing, and she was so drunk that she was dancing with every man in the bar! We finally had to get her off the dance floor so her hubby wouldn't knock one of the guys out! Ha ha. And then they asked if we wanted to come over and drink some more. She immediately went to her room and passed out and then the guy thought we were going to have a threesome with him! Which was so weird, because no one had been flirting at all! I thought this was so intriguing, and I wanted to question him, but you wanted to get going! Finally, you said, "okay you stay here, but I'm leaving!" And I started questioning him, but within moments you came back through the door and said, "Dammit, I forgot something!" I said, "What?" you said, "YOU!" And you grabbed me and ran out the door!

Ah, good times!

surfercam said...

Remember that time when you and I were naked on the beach and the cops turned up, and they were female cops and then they wanted to join in with us?
I don't know about you, but that was one hell of a night! Except the part when the used their night-stick on me - that kind of hurt.... kind of...

2xA+r0n said...

Remember that time in elementary school when you and I were at the table and I bet you that you couldn't stick 10 peas up your nose. And you did!

But only 4 came out. And then you had to visit the nurse's office and it wasn't funny any more. :(

JustRun said...

Enjoy the shore! I'm jealous.
Sort of like that time you and I talked ourselves back stage at that Aerosmith concert and drank gin with the roadies for six hours before we all went to eat pancakes at that diner- and then told everyone about it the next day. Boy were they jealous. Remember that?

Bre said...

Remember when you came over to help me paint my new apartment? And then our painting skill seriously deteriorated as we consumed more and more Merlot? Good thing I hung those pictures to cover things up!

Scorpy said...

Thnaks for the shout out :)
Psst..it links to the wrong post lol

...remember when you and I took that holiday down the Costa del Sol, in Spain? The Sun was setting, the warm summer water was lapping at our feet as we strolled along the beach, hand in hand...we were the only ones there as I took you in my arms and kissed you...it seems like only yesterday...~sigh~

brandy said...

Have a good time! But not too good of a time, like that time you and I went to the beach and you proceeded to get royally drunk to the point you thought you were Queen Elizabeth and wouldn't put your shirt back on. And then police came you showed your blatant dislike for authority figures and stole the squad car? By then you had sobered up and you and I sang Whitney Houston ballads all the way to Vegas where we met that dogy French businessman who invited us for dinner on his boat. Man, such a good time, but seriously, next time you should put your shirt on when the cops tell you. Or, wear sunscreen.

Anonymous said...

Remember that time when we ditched work together to go to the spa? That is what I wish I was doing today, right now, in fact. ;)

cathouse teri said...

You're still not back yet? Can I be back then and you can be front this time?

brandy said...

Two things- 1. I like how I came back read everyones and got jealous that you did these things before I could remind myself they didn't happen. And 2.) I like I eff'ed up and didn't start it with 'remember when you and i'... what can I say? I'm made to break rules!

Seven Seas said...

Remember when you and I went to Tijuana and tie dyed those orphans?

The Exception said...

TX - Those were the days - I don't think that Greece will ever be the same! (Remember that guy who couldn't take his eyes off you and started following us everywhere?)

Teri - Hanging out with you is always an experience - you are just lucky to have people like me to keep you out of trouble! (We are lucky to have people like you to get us into trouble ;) )

Surfercam - Babe, there is no way I could forget that night. I remember the police but I also remember your drive and stamina. I have yet to meet a guy who can top all that you were able to accomplish that night!

2xA - Oh the things we did as kids!

Just Run - Those pancakes had to be the best I have ever tasted though I do think that your eating them with ketchup and syrup was a bit much.

Bre - I am so glad you have so many pictures! It took me ages to wash all the paint off of me. My house needs painted, by the way, you bring the brushes, I will supply the wine.

Scorpy - I think I fixed it - sorry about the mix up.

Scorpy - Ah, I do remember that day. How could I forget such a kiss - a kiss that held so much and foretold of the wonders of the night to come - and then we ran into that mate of yours... that you hadn't seen in "ages" and we spent the rest of our time at the bars with the two of you reminiscing about your "glory days." Sigh...;)

Brandy - Now, had I put my shirt down, we never would have been able to steal the police car or enjoyed such a memorable trip. Honestly, I never knew you could gamble as well as you do! What a woman.

Desiree - I so remember that. There is a great place around the corner - I will meet you there at 1:00. ;)

Teri - the back is all yours!

Brandy - I came back from a nice break to find myself wishing that I had actually done these things as well. What fun memories.

Seven Seas - Shhhh... remember, you weren't supposed to tell anyone!

surfercam said...

Yeah thanks. Must do it again. Like every night.

The Exception said...

Your place or mine? I am up for that if you are.