28 June, 2007

One Moment in Time

We were at the beach by 6:15 yesterday morning. Three generations - my dad, the Diva, and myself. The goal was to find shells and sea glass without the confusion found in a crowded beach. We found few shells, no sea glass, and the unexpected.
My dad walked along the beach, out of the water. Well, he "tried" to keep out of the water. He had thought this possible so wore his shoes so he would not have to worry about sandy feet. His shoes got a bit wet, but hey, his feet were less sandy than mine.

I walked in the surf. I can not go to the beach, even just after sunrise, without being in the water.

The Diva threw herself into the experience. She ran through the waves, trotted across the sand, dug for natures treasures...I watched her change into a beach natural before my eyes.

That morning we shared the island with the gulls, a sea cucumber which my dad and the Diva helped back into the water, a crab who rode in on a wave and was trying to hitch a ride back to the depths before becoming a birds breakfast, various clams, and about ten other people - fishing or walking.

On that beach, if only for the 1.5 hours we were there, it was as if we were living fully and completely in the moment. Although we hardly spoke, we shared the moment completely. Dare I say, the office and the work that awaited me on my return never entered my mind.

I watched the Diva skim across the waves, dancing and laughing as she danced with the foam and spray. The beach was her stage, the sea her orchestra, and the sun provided pure magic via direct and reflected lighting.

As I told my dad later, even if I had not thought it the best possible moments of my vacation, simply watching the Diva would have made it so.

As of this moment, I am hoping to rent a house for a week on the beach next summer - I want more such moments.


cathouse teri said...

Those unspoken moments are the best!

Welcome back! (and front)

I love the thing about the crab riding the wave before becoming breakfast. I can relate. I'm a crab. (birthday's just around the corner!)

Willow said...

What a beautiful moment. There's nothing better than seeing things through the eyes of a child.

brookem said...

i just wrote a post about this living in the moment type thing. sounds like a great beach day! :)

what's a sea cucumber?

JustRun said...

I imagine watching your little girl take to the sand and the water so naturally might be one of the most magical experiences possible. How beautiful!

The Exception said...

Teri - You are truly a crab! The Diva and I are just "crab wanna bes!" We ventured onto an island in the middle of the bay where we each bought (matching of course) shirts that say "Leave me alone, I'm crabby". They are bright red, of course.

Willow - it was fabulous.

Brookem - I read yours after I posted mine. You wrote so much while I was gone that I didn't quite know where to start to comment.

Just Run - The moment was perfect within itself. There is something about that moment, sun hitting the water, nothing but waves providing the sounds, and life just seems to stand still or to come together.

And adding her delight and complete, heart felt joy, well, it was something that I truly want to share with her time and time again.

TAG said...

Wonderfully written, and even more wonderfully lived.

Enjoy those moments. They do not last. The diva will be too soon grown and diving like that crab into her own world.

I worry not about her though, she has you as a guide to how to live. That makes all the difference.


Anonymous said...

I'm weird but I like going to the beach in the winter when it is windy and blustery.

Leiselb said...

Oh what a lovely post!Such fun to read....sighhh....like a real beach breeze or something.

2xA+r0n said...

Blogger Beach Bash 2008 @ The Exception's beach house!

Scorpy said...

Great Post :) I live beside the Great Barrier Reef and enjoy the beach for about 10 months every year...the other two are OK but too cold to swim. My daughters and I will probably go tomorrow and take some photos and have a picnic on the sand. have a good weekend :)

The Exception said...

TAG - Thanks.

Ba Doozie - I love the beach most any time. It is different each season. Winter is definitely no exception. I spent many a winter day just sitting on the rocks along the coast one year and loved it.

LeiselB - Thanks. I asked the Diva what her favorite part of our vacation was last night. It was the same 1.5 hours. A time we will both cherish I think.

2xA - I am guessing you are bringing refreshments! ;)