20 June, 2007

That's My Mom

My mom is a great person with a loving heart. She is also a "pleaser" especially when it comes to her parents. My grandmother is a person who thrives on stress and is the one who put not only the 'Y" in "tidy" but also the "T", "I", and the "D."

I remember visiting her house when I was little. The sinks lacked water marks, everything was in "its" place, and there were always vacuum marks on the carpet. That said, my grandmother is great at what she did/does. She was the wife of a career Navy officer. During that period of military/Navy history, the wife was just as important to a career as was the husband's performance. The wife kept the house but also entertained and played politics. My grandfather commanded his sub while my grandmother ran the base.

My mom is a neat freak as well. She says that her biggest regret in life is that she was more concerned about the cleanliness of her house than spending time with her kids. Every weekend, we would clean house. That was the standard routine. We didn't have a large house, but given that we lived with a neat freak, the house was never quite clean enough.

My dad jokes around about it. He puts down a cup of coffee to go and get something in another room and... he returns to find the cup cleaned and in the dishwasher.

My mom has relaxed a lot. But, when my grandparents are coming to visit - watch out!

My grandparents are coming to visit my house today.

My mom decided to help me out and "clean" while I was at work. (of course, this also gives her the opportunity to snoop but... that is another story)

I can tell you that my house has never been as clean as it is this morning. She and the Diva truly have done a great job.

And here we have this morning's conversation.

Exception - The Diva's ID is in the green bag. I would get it for you but I don't know where it is. (Diva is going with them to pick up my grandparents. I am sending her identification with her just in case)
Exceptional Mom - Okay
EX - Do you know where it is?
EX M - No, I didn't touch it.
EX - I can tell you where it was. It was right here on the bench.

My dad was laughing.

My mom touched everything in the house - everything. She moved everything in the house, and if something was missed, it was purely an accident. Adhere she is telling me that she didn't touch the bag.

Yep, that's my mom.


Scotty said...

Although not a neat freak... When I was younger, every Saturday, my sister and mom would clean the house and my dad and I would be outside doing manly chores. Looking back, I think it was a great 'bonding' experience.

The Exception said...

Scott - It can be, I think. A friend of mine would probably agree with your sentiments. They cleaned with specific music etc so, for her, it is a good memory.

Willow said...

My fathers mother was the clean freak, I say was because with age she's mellowed significantly. My Mom isn't a neat freak, but whenever grandma was coming for a visit our house would get turned inside out. I used to hate grandma coming, because it meant we'd all be busy cleaning things she'd never even see:)

The Exception said...

Willow - I can relate. The holidays were a period of stress in my house. My mom striving to create the perfect house while we all knew that my grandmother would find something to "mention." There were, after all, a number of dogs and cats who shared the house with us - perfectly clean was just not possible.

Leiselb said...

Oh my dear....I feel for you. My mother had a certain sense of tidiness we called "Mom clean". There was a difference between something being clean and something being "mom clean". No matter how hard I try...I can never get to her level. Good luck with that. Phew. ;)

The Exception said...

Leisel B - Exactly. My mom has relaxed but her mom hasn't so there is still that desire to please and have things "TIDY!"

cathouse teri said...

That is just so darling. But, what mommy says must be true! She didn't touch it! ;)

The Exception said...

Teri - She is just too much.