03 July, 2007

And it is Only 9:30...Sigh

The day started like this:

Bang, bang, bang on the bed.
What in the world.
"My hand is asleep!" This spoken by the Diva who is kicking and hitting the bed upset at her hand. (6:15 AM)

Sent a text at 7:15
"Safe flying" as a friend is flying back from Paris.
Received this text in return
"I will be late. More like seven or eight."

Okay, so this means that the flight leaves at about noon local over 7:40. Must be the plane. So I text back,
And received:
"Taxi got in an accident on the way to the airport."

And I call Paris.

Everything is okay but the flight was missed.

And then...

I walked out of my office and ran into a guy who has been here as long as I have.
"What's up?"
"Nothing. You?"
Yes, I know, stimulating conversation, but I was not expecting to engage nor was he and we had just second as my office is near the elevator.

"Ah you know, tweaking my résumé."
"You are joking"
"Nope, it is something I do every day. Tweak here, and tweak there. Make sure it is ready..."
I am laughing as I have talked with him about the employment situation in the past. We are both in a field that has nothing to do with our specializations. We have stayed because of family and flexibility etc and realize that while we were staying for great reasons, the world just passed us by. In other words, there are younger people out there more knowledgeable than are we these days.

"Don't you update yours?"
"Yeah, once a year when I have to for reviews."
"Ah, you never know when things are going to change or you are going to get 'that' call."
"Are you trying to tell me something."
And the elevator doors close.

Hum...maybe I better check on all the irons I have in the fire!


Beth said...

I have friends who update their resume that often as well. I guess it's the repsonsible thing to do. But I'm much more the I'll-update-it-when-I-start-looking-for-a-new-job type of gal. Leave everything to the last minute-yep, that's me!

The Exception said...

Beth - That is me too. When I update and send out mine it is because I have already left my job mentally. I do not ease into things like that.

JustRun said...

I haven't updated mine recently enough, either. I might be wise just to start over and make it better. The guy is right, you never know.

Scotty said...

I have only updated my resume twice.

The Exception said...

Just Run - Yes, it is probably the wise thing to do - keep it up to date that is but...

Scotty - Just twice? The company requires us to do it once a year.

Kate said...

So many people in jobs like that. I hope you are able to take a dream job soon!

Bre said...

I only tend to do it when I'm miserable at work. Since New Job is blissful, I don't anticipated doing it again for a few years at least!

Scotty said...

Yep, just twice :) Once when applying for grad school, and once when applying for my current job.

The Exception said...

Kate - I have a feeling such a job is in my near future as my daughter is older.

Bre - That is usually when people in my company start doing it as well. The more unhappy they are, the more likely their résumé is to be up-to-date.

Scotty - Wow!

2xA+r0n said...

I hope there wasn't a cardboard box waiting on your desk with a note from your boss that said, "Come see me. And bring the box."

The Exception said...

2xA - Cute. They know they would have to supply a U-Haul to clear out my office. I am not going anywhere.