02 July, 2007

Ah...Fresh Sheets

At some point I realized that, for me, the bed was a luxury item deserving care and appreciation. We spent about 1/3 of each day in bed. It is where we go for comfort, for relaxation, for recreation, among others. IN this light, I went in search of the perfect sheets.

I have tried the high thread count cotton from Egypt. I was not overly impressed. I do like the Egyptian bath sheets, but - for the bed, I prefer something a bit softer.

I tried the cotton knit sheets. I am not sure about the experiences of others, but the jersey sheets didn't fit the bed correctly. The pockets weren't big enough or something. I did, however, find a great set of tinsel knit sheets that were amazing, but (of course there is a but) were not durable. After a few years I had to begin the search again due to runs in the material.

Friends laugh at me. I have spent much time and effort on the search for the perfect set of sheets. For them, I guess, the feel of the sheets is just not important. We each have our own idea of what luxury is and/or what makes us feel good. For me it is sleeping with fabulous sheets. For others it is bathing with scented oils or salts. You get the idea.

I did find a new set of sheets! They are great, especially after they are just washed. Then again, what set of sheets isn't nice after freshly washed and fitted to the bed??? If I had the time and energy to do it, I think I would wash my sheets and re-make the bed every day of the week. But, I just can't be bothered to do that so, I appreciate that first night of fresh sheets as much as I can.

Yesterday was sheet washing day. The sheets came out of the dryer while the Diva and I were playing cards.

"After this game, we need to go and make the bed."
"Really! " She is so excited. For whatever reason, this child loves to make the bed.

She ran upstairs to start while I locked doors etc.

She is very particular about the bed making process. There can be absolutely "no" wrinkles. She will spend thirty minutes ensuring that there are no wrinkles - and heaven help the cat who jumps on the bed throughout this process.

"I like a made bed" she says. "We need maids!"

I don't need a maid, I have her to do a great job making the bed - and I have my wonderful sheets.

Now, I wonder what would happen if I spent as much time and effort on finding someone to share the bed as I invest in sheets to cover it...?

* The sheets I have now are Lyocell. They are fabulous!


JustRun said...

I love fresh sheets, too! And I've gotten some of the best sheets on Overstock.com. Seriously.
That also saves time which means more time for other pursuits. :)

brandy said...

Diva is hilarious, I love the line "I like a made bed". I'm one of those people who really enjoys a made bed but sadly, it falls on my list low on my list of things to do. It gets done everyday, but sometimes not until after lunch. I know. I need to work on this. As for sheets, I've yet to find the perfect pair. My last really great pair was flannel, and seeing how it's now July, they aren't really practical.

2xA+r0n said...

I REQUIRE a high thread-count cotton sheet in order to sleep soundly. And I'll spend a lot of money for it, also. :(

Nothing beats climbing into a bed of warm sheets fresh out of the dryer!

The Exception said...

Just Run - I will have to check that out, thanks! I not only love great sheets, but I love things that save me time!

Brandy - The Diva is too much sometimes. We don't know anyone with a maid so I don't know where that came from and... she doesn't make the bed either except when the sheets are just washed.
Yeah, even though you are in Canada, I think it is time to get some great summer sheets. I must admit that I love Canada right now as you are sending nice cool and dry breezes our way. Not cool enough to break out the flannel but - I get to enjoy my great sheets with a quilt and open windows. I love it.

2xA - A man who knows his sheets! What more could a woman want. ;)

Bre said...

Mmmm, sheets are absolutely items that I feel justified splurging on. Actually, my bed in general! I want it to be my oasis, so everything is supersoft and super comfortable!

Leiselb said...

Aw how adorable is the Diva?!So cute....

Perhaps you can find someone who invests as much time into YOU as you do into the sheets? Hmmm? Let's hope so....

Matt said...

I like beech sheets. So comfortable.

Mike said...

Tinsel? Isn't tinsel metal? I like a good sheet when I'm on it, but other wise I could care less.

Ba Doozie said...

You didn't say what kind of sheets you found most recently. I bought some expensive egyptian cotton and they have to be ironed or they are wrinkly as heck. I like flannel

ruby said...

May I borrow the Diva for a bit? I despise making the bed even though I love having freshly washed sheets...this has always been jarringly irritating but I think I've found a way to solve the problem! Diva makes the bed, I buy her ice cream. Done.

The Exception said...

Bre - Totally agree with you. I love my current sheets but am always open for new soft suggestions.

LeiselB - Wow, that would be someone with a lot of time! ;)

Matt - What are beech sheets?

Mike - Yes, it is a metallic substance. It is also a natural fiber used in clothing, for the most part. A few years ago it was very popular.

Doozie - Sorry about that. They are Lyocell, which is a natural fiber. I am truly picky about flannel. I like the sort that truly becomes soft with use. Have yet to find sheets that do that. And I do not iron sheets! Sheets need to go from the dryer to the bed.

Ruby - I will have her on the next plane. You might want to throw in angel hair pasta (or any pasta) as she lives on the stuff. A true bribe for this child is tiramisu!

TAG said...

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned flannel sheets.

Am I the only crazy fool who thinks flannel sheets are the best?

How about satin sheets? Never had a set, but the idea sounds nice.

More, Exceptional lady. We want more discussion on this important topic.

Please. :)


Scotty said...

I am a HUGE fan of fresh sheets

The Exception said...

TAG - It is summer. Flannel and summer just don't jive. Yes, there is something romantic about satin or silk sheets but they are hot, sticky, and look better than they feel. What else would you like to know???

Scotty - A man after my own heart. Too bad you live on the "other" coast. "Sigh"

TAG said...

Ah yes, I keep forgetting. Summer means hot hot hot can't stand it weather for most folks. Of course, here in the mountains we had a nightime low last night of 56.

As for the satin sheets, I've never slept on any so I didn't know, but now I do. Thanks.