11 July, 2007

Breakfast Blues

Eating with the Diva is always an experience. Pasta or turkey sandwiches (dry) with cheddar cheese are usually safe bets, but that is what I used to think about lots of foods that she liked. This morning it was a plain bagel. How do you go wrong with a plain bagel with cream cheese?

The Diva likes her bagels. Until a few weeks ago, she only liked them cold. They have to be fresh, can not be too brown, and must not have cream cheese in the hole. A few weeks ago she decided that she liked them "lightly" toasted. Lightly toasted means, very little to no browning.

She isn't picky at all, I know!

Back to this morning. She ordered a bagel lightly toasted. It came out. She asked me to spread on the cream cheese as the bagel was quite hot. And then... she did not want to eat it.

The bagel was not browned on the inside.
It looked like a normal, barely light brown on the outside, plain bagel.
I finally got her to taste it. Apparently it "tasted" different.

I have no idea what was wrong with this bagel, but I did get her to eat half of it before she handed it to me. perhaps it wasn't fresh enough? Maybe it was her stuffed nose?

The things she did to eat the half of the bagel...

First she tried to eat it and hold her nose at the same time so that she would not taste it.
That didn't work.

Then she tried taking a drink of her chocolate milk after and during the bagel chewing process.
This worked but only for half the bagel.

The last time she ordered something and decided she wasn't going to eat it was with the turkey and cheese sandwich at Subway. We have not been back since. I am hoping that the bagel doesn't go the way of the turkey and cheese. We are running out of food options.


cathouse teri said...

Well it's a little bit normal for a little diva to be picky about her food. Now, when she's twenty and still that picky, we'll be worried.

HINT: They get less picky when they are very very hungry! :)

JustRun said...

And yet, they have more energy that I've ever imagined having, ever. How do they do it?

The Exception said...

Teri - Oh, she is not picky, she is, according to her "selective" about what she eats.

I just have a hard time letting her starve. I am sure that she will eat, at some point. I have watched her go three days without eating - just too busy and not happy with the choices. Given her energy level, it disturbed me. So... I admit it, I "spoil" her!

I am seeking help for this problem! ;)

Just Run - She goes and goes. She is the type of kid that doesn't always listen to her tummy. She often as to be told to eat. (Not like her mom at all!)

justacoolcat said...

Sounds a lot like my eating habits when I was young.

James said...

I read that as "pasta sandwiches." *SNORT!*

The Exception said...

JACC - I have always been a "selective" eater so it shouldn't surprise me that much. She eats "white" food and dark chocolate and strawberries. That about sums it up.

James - Ah, a new recipe discovered by James reading too quickly and skipping words. The Diva might actually like it!

cathouse teri said...

The HARDEST thing for a mother to do is let her child go without food. :) I've seen children run circles around mothers at bed time because they are suddenly hungry and she is sure they will die of starvation if she doesn't feed them right that instant because they didn't eat the healthy dinner she made for them so at this point she is just happy they are eating and not seeing at all that this is just a ploy to stay up a little longer and let mommy do their bidding. (and you think YOU need help!)

Bre said...

Sounds just like my little brother! There was a long period of time when he only would eat chicken fingers (not spicy!!) or plain cheese sandwiches on white bread.

Scotty said...

This post makes me wonder if I was "selective" about food when I was younger.. me thinks not though.

2xA+r0n said...

...because you can't make her eat what she orders??

Steph said...

Starvation might help. Failing that, a trip to Ethiopia to see how the other half lives might work as well.

I'm full of answers. ;)

P.S when I have kids they'll be living on Mcdonalds and two minute noodles.

Michelle said...

My brother is the same way - he likes this buttered noodles just right, his PB&J just right, his cereal JUST RIGHT. It's a hassle just to get him to eat!

Croaker said...

Steph will have fat kids then obviously ;).

I am glad I am past this stage. Now I have to deal with coming downstairs to find the bacon all gone or the ice cream container empty at 9:00 am.

The Exception said...

She has gone through various stages, now she knows not to order something unless she is going to eat it. She knows that she will not eat after a certain time and that if she doesn't like what is served, there is yogurt. She also understands that she has to have some source of protein everyday. The kid is all muscle and bone - no fat resources to keep her going.

And one day, I hope, she will learn to eat and try new things.

However, she has yet to top me in the food high maintenance category. In my teens and early twenties I was like Sally in When Harry Met Sally!

And Steph, we don't do the Golden Arches - it made her sick one time so she refuses to go back. YAY!

Beth said...

I used to be an incredibly picky eater. This sounds so familiar to me. But I grew out of it as I got older. It was a gradual process, but believe me, I am definitely over it now!